Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Janey's NewsWhat’s boring ?

What’s boring ?

“I don’t wanna do that. It’s boring!”, little Katie said. Well, I guess it is boring just sitting around if you’re hungry to learn lots of new things.

This week we had the immense joy of taking care of the adopted 4-year-old daughter of some dear friends. There was not a dull moment as I was plunged back into Memory Lane and life when my children were small. Contemplating Katie’s sweet innocence and unique person, I was reminded that motherhood is such an immense responsibility, such a privilege. And never, ever boring. (That’s why I wrote, Heaven Help Me Raise These Children!—to capture the unboring, divine side of parenting.)

That same day my son, now 19, told me guitar playing can be boring—although he loves it. Perhaps the problem is that it doesn’t offer instant gratification. Rather it takes effort to work out a new tune. So, in that sense it can be boring.

Christmas can become boring if we’re not careful. Same ol’, same ol’. Dutiful routine. Stress to provide and perform. But the truth is, reflecting on Christmas never gets boring. The older I get the more the simplicity of the Christmas story amazes me. I love it. On that note, I highly recommend the movie The Nativity. If you hunger to imagine how the first real Christmas was, this film does a good job in bringing you there. Another good movie inspiring hope is In Pursuit of Happiness.

Another highlight of my special Christmas week was a trip to Tijuana, Mexico to give toys, blankets and food to poor people. Poor yet so rich. Rich in simplicity and gratitude. Simplicity enough to understand where their hope springs from—the King of Heaven who came to earth that we could know Him.

I also had the joy of feeding the homeless with our church homegroup. The thankfulness on the faces of those who have nothing is a great gift. As Jesus showed us throughout His life and in His Word, giving is receiving. Another great blessing is that Orphans First was able to provide gifts for thousands of children in many countries—thanks to God and to kind, giving people. We hope to continue providing gifts throughout January in some countries where the Orthodox Christmas is celebrated.

Christmas! Yes, the babe born in a stable. The King of Kings lowering Himself to become like us, and poorer than many. The Great Shepherd sleeping in a manger where animals eat. Our great High Priest receiving incense, myrrh and gold from wise men coming from afar. He is our wisdom and He is our hope.

May He become the real joy of many needy children in the coming New Year 2007.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

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Dec.13, 06 Day 3 of the CSFF Blog Tour

This is the third day of our special blogtour for Kathryn Mackel’s novel Trackers.. I was away at a 2 day conference so unable to join my colleagues for that time. However, having said that, I’m here today to join them in recommending this awesome Christian SciFi book, filled with chills and creepies but all with a purpose—to glorify God.

The story centers around the same folks in Mackel’s preceding book, Outriders: Brady, Niki, Cooper, Stasia, the odious Baron Alrod and his wife... Entwined threads of chivalry, boldness, love, transformation and forgiveness are creatively woven throughout the tale. A good read.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Janey's NewsPrayer Requests Nov. 21st , 06

The heart of Orphans First has always been to help as many suffering children as possible—one by one. But sometimes it’s hard to know where and how to help first because the needs don’t just come one by one—they come a dozen at a time. And the needs are overwhelming. Lately, perhaps because in answer to prayer, I find myself face to face with more needy people.
Last week I was thrilled to help feed the homeless at the Bread of Life Ministries shelter here in Oceanside. We served teens, men, women and children! For the life of me, I can’t comprehend how one of the richest parts of the world can have so many homeless. America will have to answer for such a paradox. Then today, while I was attending a meeting on the Sudan—seeing how O.F. could help the orphans tjere—two dear brothers shared with me about another homeless family—with a 5-year-old child.
Meanwhile, my husband’s time in Africa has been very fruitful. A key government official came to Christ in Gabon & doors are opening for us to start an orphanage in other African countries.
But returning to the thought of the homeless, I can’t help wondering what it feels like to sleep outside at night. What’s it like to feel hungry, cold, afraid, anxious…? Or to be battered? This week, I learned of how China batters dogs since they forbid people to have more than one. (And I’ve already seen videos of how some children are treated in remote Chinese orphanages). Sickening. This is a dark, evil world. But we are lightbearers. And we must go forward bearing the Light, letting it shine and sparkle forth warmth and comfort. We must take each project God puts before us, and reach each needy child—one by one. Even if sometimes there seem too many too reach!

Please pray for the following:
The P------ family – that the adoption of the two sibling sisters would be finalized & that the girls would be home before Christmas.
Alex – still needs a home. (Pray for open doors for him to receive visits)
Sonia & others – still need homes.
Pray for more parents to adopt & foster – that all children have good homes!

ORPHANAGES / Children’s Homes
ASIA -- Pray for Grace Home in G----, India
-- Thailand – pray for young Mink,
HAITI -- Pray for friend’s children’s homes in two places in Haiti.
AFRICA -- Pray for new orphanages we’re working on in African countries including Benin—& let’s begin praying for the Sudan in this respect,
EUROPE -- Pray for our work in state orphanages in Russia.
-- Pray for a small children’s home we help in Siberia.
MEXICO – Pray for a friend's orphanage in Mexico. Pray we can come alongside & really help Cindy & these children.

Pray for our street children in Moscow, Russia, in particular.
Street children in the USA. Pray for God to give us shelters for the homeless & for people to minister to them. (May He provide a big shelter in S. Diego County for Bread of Life Ministries).
Pray for street children everywhere—and that the Lord show us how to better reach them.

O.F. provides Christmas presents for needy children who would otherwise receive no gift in many different countries including many of the places mentioned above & others also. May the Lord PROVIDE & also LEAD us as to where the needs are. May He provide also ground-workers to give out gifts, food & share the Gospel with needy children.

If you’re wanting to spread the word about the children’s needs & give a great Christmas gift, please consider my parenting book– (Click on Resources, then parenting, then Heaven Help Me Raise These Children!).

Thank you so much for praying.



Janey L. DeMeo
Founder/director of Orphans First; author & freelance writer /

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Janey's News

November 13, 2006

Friends living in Europe sent interesting responses to my last blog: They understand my viewpoint. Last week I had the joy of watching the Country MUSIC Awards on TV. Wow, loved it. Of course, the music was superb, but beyond excellence was again that God-element that is so prevalent in America. And I mean God, not god, not Budda or Allah or some other such counterfeit. I’m not saying that all the songs that mentioned God refer to the God of the Bible (although I’d like to believe that) but clearly some do. And while many people who received rewards thanked God (which could be abstract), some thanked Jesus. But whatever way you look at it, God had a place in this special music event. And as a Europer, I wept with gratitude for America.

Think about it! If it had been a secular rock concert (as opposed to Christian rock, obviously), would we have heard people thanking God? Doubt it. Some might even have thanked the devil. Or if this had been a European concert, it’s very unlikely you’d hear God mentioned.

I loved many of the songs including “Anyway” sung by Martina McBride, “Jesus Take The Wheel” interpreted by Carrie Underwood, & a super lovely song sung by Vince Gill (husband of Amy Grant) & Sheryl Crow about giving (I forget the exact name but wow, it was all about Heaven, eternity, choices, giving…LOADED with biblical content). LOVED IT. Let me know if you find the exact name.

Forgive me for harping on how wonderful America is. In future blurbs, I’ll tell you things I miss in Europe whether in France, Italy, England or wherever…But for now, I’d like to discuss CHILDREN’S FANTASY LITERATURE.

R.K.Mortenson’s third book in his Landon Snow fantasy series is a delight: Landon Snow and the Island of Arcanum. The book is ideal for, say, 8 – 12-year-olds, and is rich in character, family values, and biblical backbone. It conjures up all the enchantment of a fantastical voyage filled with suspense and wonder without the ensorcelled content found in certain disturbing pop fantasies.

The plot is motored by the turning pages of an old Bible which steers the key characters into adventures or places paralleled by Bible stories such as Noah’s Ark. The Auctor—meaning author and, in this case, the Author of the Bible, God—uses the adventures to increase the children’s faith and combat evil as in Malus Quidam.

The amusing characters and animals in the book range from Epops the bird and Melech the horse and add another delightful dimension to this fantasy.

This action packed story would, in my opinion, appeal equally to boys and girls alike. The series provides a great read for fantasy-hungry young readers whose parents desire that their children’s minds be filled with reflections of what is pure, right, whole and true.

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I thank God for good Christian children’s writers. Another book series to look out for, and which I’ll be mentioning again in the future is the Mercy Force Adventure Series, beginning with The Secret of the Ancient Crowns by Herbert J. Kellner & Connie Penn.
More in the future. Meanwhile, I need a cuppa coffee…

Friday, November 03, 2006

Janey's News

Blog update Nov.3rd, 2006

For years we’ve been praying for more Christians to adopt, for more churches to be involved with helping suffering children, and for more children to find their forever families. When I say “we”, I mean “whoever” prays for these things, including me and all those who join me on the Orphans First Prayer Chain – Well, I see God moving. Of course, He always was moving in response to our prayers, but now I’m seeing it in accelerated motion.

This past week, there was a meeting in Colorado involving some main Christian groups who are launching a project to encourage churches to be involved in reaching out to orphans. Visit:
I also discovered that Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena provides teaching about ministering to children at risk. My friend, Dr. Phyllis Kilbourn (one of Orphans First’s advisors) will be teaching there next week. Bravo Fuller. I’m so excited. God is moving in answer to our intercession.

This month, an article I wrote called Intercession with Suffering: The Secret of Releasing Heaven’s Power, appears in the Nov/Dec issue of Indeed mag. (published by WalkThruTheBible). This is “indeed” a wonderful magazine—not because they published my article, although that certainly shows it’s not a slushy, feelgood mag—but because they uphold high biblical teaching. Check the mag out --

Anyway, I pray that God would use this article to help us turn our sufferings into a powerhouse of prayer. That’s why He allows them in the first place—to make us more like Him so we’ll co-labor with Him and then be more like Him again. Amazing God. As Chris Tomlin, one of my fave singers, sings so perfectly: “You are Amazing God” –

Speaking of fave singers, I often wonder if American Christians realize how fortunate they are. You have so many amazing Christian musicians & Christian radio stations. I say this because as a Brit who lived most of my life in Europe--half in France--& have now lived in America for 3 years, I cannot get over how wonderful America is. We don’t have this stuff in Europe, and especially not France. I know, some of you just don’t get it. What’s wonderful?, you say. Because you see the bad, the removed privileges, the junk, the sleaze (TV, yuk, yuk & yuk!!!). I understand. But trust me, Europe’s worse. Way worse. So to me living in America, in S. Cal which is the modern Bible belt, I see the freedom, the churches that DO preach Christ, the churches that do reach the poor, that do sing His praise (without promoting man’s glory), and I see those that DO back up the troops in prayer and by giving… On and on it goes. I see a beautiful America which is fast following the downfall of Europe but not there yet.
May we all take heed to let our light shine where it should and be involved where we should so that the salt doesn’t lose its savor.

Again, speaking of music, The Kry just released an album in French -- Peut Etre. It’s awesome & I highly recommend it. Check it out:
Profitez-en les français. On y go.

I loooooooooove ze music. Thank you The Kry. Not only are you guys friends but also great musicians. Thank God for Christian musicians such as Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin, Jeremy Camp, Michael Card, Mercy Me, Newsboys, Nicole Mullen & many, many others I’ll share in the future on this blog. For now, I’m enjoying the music, letting it touch my soul so that I indeed will be drawn more into the presence of our most High King.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Janey's News

Blog «after the wedding» -- Oct. 19th, 06

Thanks to all of you who prayed for our daughter’s wedding last Saturday. It was a glorious event—one we will never forget & will always relive in our minds. First, it rained—for 2 days defying that old Carpenter’s song “It Never Rains In Southern California”. Truth it, is doesn’t. But then it begun to pour for a few days and the wedding was outside. Just as it was looking hopeless, the skies stopped throwing out bucket-loads and the ground miraculously dried up. But it doesn’t end there. When our beautiful daughter walked up the aisle with her handsome Dad, the sun beamed on her creating like a golden aura and dazzling light which continued dancing on the waves in the background of Del Mar beach. This opening of Heaven took my breath away and reminding me that the Lord is making his bride ready—and it will be for soon.

The couple was beautiful beyond description. They looked like a prince & princess. Rachele was radiant & Jastin so handsome in his marine uniform. The bridal party were stunning in various shades of blues with yellow flowers and then the three little flower girls in yellow princess dresses -- so cute. And Jastin's two younger brothers were handsome ring bearers. Of course, among the groomsmen was our son, Francesco, & among the bridesmaids was his cousin Kristin (they walked together in the processional, & my son previously walked me to my seat).

The vows were deeply moving & honored God. The ceremony was just glorious -- with Louis' preaching & also a message by Pastor Gary Nelson. Did we cry? Yes -- all three of us -- Louis, myself and even our son. I sang "You Are Still Holy" for the couple's communion ceremony, and Aveana, Jastin's mom, sang at the end. Later Louis danced with Rachele -- both crying & laughing together. The music by Raw Silk was awesome (a wonderful band with diverse talent). Food was Italian, of course, & delizioso.

The location was gorgeous -- at the Del Mar Surf Station -- decorated in blues & yellows with the nature's own backdrop of sun-kissed blue waves. At the end of the ceremony, the couple were lifted up on a blue surfboard and carried out before the photo shots on the beach (Thanks to Tom of Sand Castle Photography). The newlyweds then rode in a "woody" -- true surf style. I hope to place some photos on this website – probably not till the kids return from their honeymoon at the end of October. (They will be honeymooning in Italy, Sardinia, Corsica & France -- thus Jastin will have a chance to meet Rachele's roots).

Another gift from God: We'd encouraged the newlyweds to ask to be upgraded to business class on their European flight as honeymooners. Against all odds, Air France agreed. Rachele then called us from Paris before getting the plane to Rome thrilled to have had a restful & fun flight. God is faithful -- to the detail. There is much more I could say, but the short of it is this: to God be all the glory forever and ever Amen!
Meanwhile, on greater world subjects, here’s a great article I read that helps us see where we’re heading and how to pray:

And for those wanting to pray for the suffering children, please check out the latest prayer requests on my site –

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Janey's News
October 4th, 2006

Countdown to my beautiful daughter’s wedding – Oct.14th. Obviously this is why I’m not blogging very often (after the wedding, I’ll invent a new excuse). Actually, there are a lot of things I’m not doing often enough – except eating. I always eat more when I’m nervous, and believe me there’re still lots of details. Thank God though that my baby girl is so organized and has taken care of so much already. Amazing how those babies grow up and get so organized (it makes up for the messy room all those years). Does this mean there’s hope for my son? There is because God is faithful.

I recently considered 1 Cor.11:31 and the beautiful opportunity God gives us to examine ourselves. By so doing, we can prevent pitfalls whereby we bring judgment upon ourselves. In other words, if we examine our own hearts -- “sonder le coeur” in French – then we give God’s Spirit an opportunity to show us areas in our lives that oppose the ways of God. These may be areas of selfishness or just blind spots. They might be caused by willfulness or just DNA “pass-ons”. Either way, we have the privilege of bringing them before the Maker, recognizing that these areas don’t please God and then asking Him to root them out. He then does. Not by waving a magic wand but by a process which is sometimes painful. But what freedom when the root is removed. And all because we began examining ourselves asking God to shine His light into our dark spots.

I suppose it’s like doing a breast exam each month. If you catch something wrong early enough, you can likely root out a whole ton of misery & perhaps prevent eventually losing a breast. I guess this is what it means to pluck out your eye, or cut of your hand, if it offends you. Just deal with it. And the earlier the better because the sooner it’s dealt with, the happier we’ll be. And so will those who might be victims of our blind spots or whatever it is we have that wounds people because we haven’t died to self. Letting God root stuff hurts at first, but we feel better after. Most of all, it helps others in multiple ways. It helps them because we become more Christlike and that helps the whole world because more of Christ in a dark planet is good. I like that.

I love Mercy Me’s song Goodbye Self. Wow. Awesome. Says it all in a fun way and with a great melody.

I have a couple of chapters on this subject in my book, Heaven Help Me Raise These Children! -- Biblical Answers for Practical Parenting Issues! Thanks for recommending it. The book now has an accompanying CD I recorded to go with the book and can be ordered here:
For those who want to pray for the suffering children, please check out the recent prayer requests on my website:

A bientôt, (later)…

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Janey's News

Last time I blogged was over three weeks ago. What happened? Well, for one thing I moved – again. Seems like since we left the missionfield a few years back, we’ve moved a million times. I hate moving but that’s another story. But the good news is that we love the new rental home we are now living in. Everyone who has seen it says it looks as if it was made for us (Still praying to own a home some day…).

All this moving makes me think again of the many foster children who are often traipsed from home to home – always scared of what the new foster parents will be like, always sad and lonely as they have to make new friends and find their place again in a school or family. Forever wondering why they don’t have a real mom & dad. Or what about the children in orphanages dreaming about some day being adopted? Their lives are sometimes a daily effort to survive without crying in a corner somewhere. Or what about children on the streets? There are millions. In Moscow, we help the street children and their lives would be bleaker than bleak without our help – But in spite of our help and the covers we give, Russian winter in the streets is no fun. And winter will soon come.

Then there are the stray animals. I often wonder what will happen to them – and indeed all animals – once the Rapture comes. I’m glad to say we found homes for all the stray kittens. Hopefully, parent cats Milo & Mya, are in new homes since we gave them into an animal shelter (as we were moving and have our own cats we knew we had to do something so they wouldn’t starve, be mistreated or propagate). I think Heaven’s going to be an awesome place – of course seeing Jesus first but also seeing the suffering children in glory and, hopefully, lots of animals.

I think that’s all for now. Too much to organize. Too many details to take care of since the move. And my daughter’s wedding coming up. Yikes. So much to do. Oh, I forgot, Louis & I just celebrated 25 years of marriage. Now that’s a miracle nowadays. Only God can do that. And He did!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Janey's News

August 25th, 2006

I’m writing this blog watching the Harvest Crusade 2006 on TV (I’m actually watching the Sun. night concert & preaching which I attended with my family as we also attended Friday night). Watching Mercy Me & Newsboys – two very cool & godly bands – I’m again reminded of the call. The Great Call. The call to serve the Great King & to reach the lost & dying world in every way we can.

Although our lives (my husband & I) have been wrapped in this purpose for 30 years now, these last few years have been challenging for many reasons: coming off the missionfield after 22 years serving God & people in a country where the true God is unknown—in France. It’s been difficult adjusting to abundant America while being so stringently aware that most of the world is desperately poor, even starving. It’s been hard making sense of America’s deep superficiality—now that’s a great oxymoron—and yet it’s been wonderful living in this Christian country and particularly in California, the Bible belt of this generation. You don’t know how lucky you are to live in America until you live somewhere else. I lived my entire life in Europe, half of it in France, and I’m convinced that Americans are very, very, very fortunate. Christ is preached here, in spite of all the other garbage we see.

Anyway, before getting too off track, I just wanted to thank each person that reads this blog who is doing what they can to make a difference on this earth. Thanks for those praying for the suffering children.

Another thought struck a strong chord in my heart – there are some things we cannot control and sometimes those things seem to become our nightmare. My husband told me about a guy in his thirties who left the ways of the Lord in search of a partner. Why? Because he is lonely. Because he’s not yet found a wife. Because his faith is weak & he’s lost hope. My heart goes out to him. I remember being single & thinking God would never bring the “right” one to me. I know many singles in this situation. So hard. They cannot make it happen. They can only depend on God, & at times faith dwindles & hope drowns in despair. The same feeling is there when we desire for certain things to change in our lives: have a home, have financial security, see the orphans of the world in godly homes, whatever…it seems impossible. Imagine BEING an orphan waiting for a family. That must seem impossible. But still there is a truth that remains: with God all things ARE possible.

Are we the Christians instruments of impossibilities becoming possible—through our prayers and our participation? I believe so.

There are still thousands of children who need to be fostered, loved, adopted, loved, rescued, fed, loved, educated, loved, encouraged and loved. That’s fact. So what are we doing about their fate? Are we ignoring it? Or are we taking it on, bearing it in our hearts, grieving so we can pray.

I read this recently in The Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri Nouwen (Image Books, Doubleday, p. 129): “This kind of grieving is praying. There are so few mourners left in this world. But grief is the discipline of the heart that sees the sin of the world, and knows itself to be the sorrowful price of freedom without which love cannot bloom. I am beginning to see that much of praying is grieving.”
I agree. I think sometimes our deep grieving in empathy with mankind allows the Spirit to utter inexpressible words Heavenward. May we be available to grieve for others, to pray & intercede for those so much needier than ourselves.

For those interested in Heaven Help Me Raise These Children! (CarePoint Ministries), I have several chapters in that book reflecting this same subject.

Until soon…A bientôt.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Janey's News

Blog update – Aug.10, 2006-08-10

Wow . I couldn’t believe the news today. Just a week ago, I was at Heathrow Airport experiencing a strange sensation. I felt a spirit of terror hovering in the air. The place was packed with Muslims & looked totally like the third world with its dirty, dismal, dingy atmosphere.

Even on the plane, there was a sort of tension. I’d prayed for a good seat and sat next to 2 French girls who were no doubt encouraged to find someone who spoke their language fluently, and who understood their culture. God ordained? I think so…But nonetheless, there was a strange spirit on the plane.

When I arrived in LA, after a long trip, there was a bunch of people with flowers waiting for their “mother”, some Indian “guru-ess” from England. She’d traveled on my plane. No wonder there was tension. Gurus & Islamists. And then there was lil ol’ me—trying to be a light to some Frenchies, and thanking God I was returning to America.

Apart from that the trip to England went well. It was both bitter & sweet. Sweet to be together with each member of my existing family in England. And bitter because who knows when or if we’ll see one another again. Still half of my family are not saved. Thank you to those of you who prayed.

One thing that struck a violent chord in my heart while visiting my mother-land was its darkness. England is dark, almost like France. The educational system is now bringing in a new curriculum whereby they’ve decided to no longer teach wrong & right but rather to teach that each one needs to feel important and find their self-purpose. Basically—existentialism. Sickening. I am just so glad to be presently living in America, even though it seems this same spirit of anarchy is creeping in here too.

Like most Christians, I sense the time is short and I want more than ever to let every minute, every conversation, every activity count for Jesus. And I want to be extra fervent in prayer. I also want to pray for the hurting—especially the hurting children—more than ever. For recent prayer requests, check out my website: You can also subscribe to the Orphans First Prayer Chain to receive the requests directly.

Thanks to those of you who have sent kind remarks about my book, Heaven Help Me Raise These Children! I’m grateful it’s been a blessing thus far.

It was good to get home to the fam also. My daughter is moving fast with her wedding plans. Son & hubby didn’t starve while I was gone.

Oh, the feline friends. Well, I gave away Patch & Pixie, then Griggio & finally Tabby. They’re all doing fine. Now I have to find a home for the parent cats (brother & sis), Mya & Milo. Since they so love one another, I’d like to find a place where they can stay together. I don’t think I’ve ever seen cats love one another so much.

That’s all for now. May we remain faithful to our call.


Friday, July 21, 2006

Janey's News

Not Easy Playing God

Tonight we took Pixie & Patch to the Healthy Paws petstore. It was a hard choice but we know it’s time to give these kitties away so they can have a better life. Tomorrow, Griggio will go to live with Melody and her family (and have a wonderful life). This leaves Tabby. Since she’s so tiny, we thought we’d keep her an extra day and then take her over to the pet store also—unless we find an adopting family first.

We also thought it might be “softer” on mom to take the babies progressively.

Anyway, an interesting thought struck me as we were discussing the fate of these kitties. Not only have we already named each one—and they don’t even know they have names, much less identities—but we also have a plan for each one. I mean, here we are discussing their fate. They know nothing of it. Made me think of this verse:
“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope” (Jer.29:11, NKJV).

We’re discussing their futures for THEIR sakes, so they will have a better life, and not have to struggle on the streets. They have no say in it. And it will be happier if they just accept and trust. Just like us with God.

Now, another interesting thing about these cats—something I’ve never ever seen before, not in all my years knowing animals (no, I don’t mean my husband or my kids – I mean animals as in furry creatures…). The malecat of this little family, Milo, is totally involved in their lives. Totally. He’s a wonderful dad. He licks the kitties – and the mom – cuddles them by lying next to them snuggling, disciplines them when they need to go to bed, and just totally watches out for them.

When our yard gate is opened, he sits like a watchdog in front of the gap, making sure no-one comes in nor out. He watches over them at night and yields his place so they eat first. And he and mom (who is also sister) love one another.

This afternoon, momcat, Myer, pushed Milo over and lay her head on him. There she lay, just basking in the sun, resting with her head on her lover and protector, the kids playing all around her. I have never seen a dadcat remain involved in the life of his kids.

On another note, I leave for England tomorrow so this will be my last blog for a few weeks. I return Aug.3. I would appreciate prayer. Some of my family know the Lord, others don’t. I desire to just be a light to them all, to love them and reveal the One who is Love. I’d appreciate prayer for trip and for my family who’ll be staying here. Thank you for continuing to pray also for the suffering children of the world.

Janey, author of Heaven Help Me Raise These Children! Biblical Direction for Practical Parenting Issues. –
Founder/President of Orphans First –

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Janey's News

To blog or not to blog, that is the question.

Now I’ve begun blogging, I need to blog. My problem is not what to say but how to find an extra few minutes to say it. I leave next week for England for two weeks to visit family and I have so much to finish up before then. My writing assignments include: a book proposal, a story, a query, two articles, my Orphans First newsletter and—my blog. And I still work O.F. fulltime, have my family and have now begun with Arbonne. How to do it? I don’t know but I do know the Minute-maker, the Time-creator who actually lives outside time. I’ll trust Him to help.

Meanwhile, my house needs tidying, cleaning and reinventing (why doesn’t my son pick up after himself, and why do the cats love to tear up toilet rolls?!?) And I now have a wedding to look at which was not on my agenda, although it was clearly on God’s. My daughter’s wedding to her fine beau. We love them both and pray their lives would serve our King.

Outside in my yard is another family—a family of six cats. Yep, you got it. I’ve now got the entire street cat family living in my shed since I rescued Milo and Miya’s four adorable kittens and put them there. They are more than happy and growing fast. About a month old now so their markings are clear, I’ve named them thus:
Patch – he’s white with a lot of black smudges on him,
Griggio – (Italian for grey) he’s white with grey patches
Pixie – she has pointed ears,
Tabby – because she’s the only one that’s a tabby color (probably a different Dad since cats can be pregnant from several partners. Thank God humans can’t because the foster system is already inundated with precious, neglected children).

Watching them is a delight. Feeding them is a “galère” (French words still come to mind faster for some things and this word corresponds to “pain in the…wherever”.

The most curious thing of all is to see something I’ve never seen before in the cat world—the father is totally involved in their lives & helps take care of them with his sister/spouse (sounds like Song of Solomon here). It is beautiful to watch. When they stray too far, Dadcat gets them back in line, biting the back of their neck just as the Momcat does. They are a team. A perfect family.

Oh that it would be that way for all cats. And for all children. No-one should be without a home, a safe-place, parents, a family. No-one. May our God keep us on our knees and tell us how we can help the needy children of the world.

Hope to talk to you again soon before I leave for England. But if not, talk when I get back (I won’t have computer access, and need to concentrate on my family anyway when I’m there). Your prayers for this busy week, my trip and the needy children are appreciated. Oh, and pray I find homes for these kittens. I’m given them free to anyone who’ll provide them with a good home.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Janey's News

Saturday July 8th

It is a scorching hot day. And it reminds me of France in August, or Africa and India anytime—except that the latter two are more humid in climate. I miss all these places, and particularly miss the precious children who are so hungry to be loved.

I’m always amazed at how crucial love is. It is vital to those who are suffering. Mother Teresa understood that. She is my example. Over the years, I’ve had the joy of helping many suffering children find homes, find help, find love. I pray God gives me the strength to continue doing this always. ( Recently, a living analogy of the precariousness of street life moved in—literally. After hearing a pathetic little cry from my window, I went in quest of what I was sure was a kitten. It was! Right in the neighbor’s yard. And nearby were her three siblings. Momcat was looking for a new place for them all, probably to protect them from the barking dog and the neighbor’s children.

So, what did I do? Since I’d already been feeding the mother cat, and her brother (who’s also the babies’ father), I decided to bring the whole clan over and nestled them into a corner of the shed. Four tiny kittens about 22 days (my guess). A hungry family of six now living in my yard—to the disgust of my two cats since I now can’t let them out until the kittens leave. Needless to say, I’m seeking good homes for the kitties.

What strikes a chord in my heart every day is how vulnerable these creatures are. And as I blogged previously, food alone doesn’t satisfy their needs. The felines crave caresses. I’ve actually held the cats in my arms yet they’re still leery when there’s a lot of noise. But they are so transformed since a few months ago when they were mangy and scrawny. Now their coats look better and they lie in my yard purring under the sun. At home.

But this does not negate that they need daily food, and daily love. And they all need real homes. But more important still are the millions of children who live in fear, hunger and neglect—and whose greatest need is to belong, to be loved. This need aches in my heart. All children deserve a good home. None deserve to suffer and be abandoned. So my question today is: What can we do to make a difference for them? Prayer is a start. If you’re interested in becoming a prayer partner, check out my website or email me.

On another note altogether – sorta unrelated – because life is so painful, we all love stories. Good stories are salutary to all of us, especially children. One of my favorite forms of story is fantasy. I love C.S. Lewis’ writings and especially love Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. But today there are Christian writers exploring this genre with great success. Donita Paul is one such writer delighting the reader with wholesome values woven into fantasy. Check out her books:

Thank you for caring for the hurting in this world. May our God help us do more—in His strength and with His heart.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Janey's News

July 3rd

Thanks for visiting this blog. If you're in France, bienvenue. La France me manques énormément.

Thanks for those of you praying for the needy children. I sense a stirring in my spirit -- as if God is about to do something new -- or lead us in a new direction, perhaps to reach more children. The needs are so great...

Speaking of new, our family expanded--and I don't just mean more street cats. My daughter got engaged yesterday to Jastin. In standing with our family style, it took place in a gondola (with my husband steering). The proposal message was in Italian and placed in a bottle which Rachele had to pull out of the water -- very romantic. More important than that, we believe the Lord is in it. Now, we just have keep praying for our son, although he has time. I guess there’s a reason my parenting book is called: Heaven Help Me Raise These Children! Only Heaven can…

I must get back to my writing. I'm working on some interesting projects.

May all my American friends, and those I don’t know have a great July 4th. And may Jesus be close to the lonely, the abandoned, the orphans, widows and suffering--and may He protect the animals who are afraid of the firework noises.

Janey –

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Janey's News

Tues. June 27th 06

Today millions of children try to grab shut-eye – starving…

And food will not cut it. Food will not take away their starvation.

They’re starving for love.

When we moved into our rented home a few months ago, we quickly met two sibling street kittens—a brother and sister. I began feeding them and little by little, the boycat started calling for me when he was hungry. The girlcat on the other hand became leary even though I’d feed her. She was pregnant and thus protective.

After several weeks, boycat Milo has become so tame that I can hold him in my arms. More than that: he calls me to play with him, pat him and hold him. Food is not enough. He needs love.

But the girlcat, Miya, has been coming around less. Yesterday I started seeing her again and she is very skinny, very weak. I fed her; and caressed her until she was purring. My husband is convinced she has kittens somewhere (which makes it very difficult for us to consider catching her and her brother in hopes of finding them a good home since we don’t know where the kittens are).

Because we have two cats of our own, live in rented property with simple means, I cannot adopt these cats. (Oh, to be able to help them all—and more important, to help ALL the hurting children of the world). But I can love them. I can do what I can. And that’s what I’m doing.

My own boycat, Zambo, plays with Milo sometimes (I let him out a few hours a day, and have put anti-flee product even on Milo). Him mom, Zuca, just hisses (catty). It’s all so amazing to watch and brings me to my knees as I realize again and again that FOOD IS NOT ENOUGH. They need love, love, love…(sounds like the Beatles here). And love means belonging, knowing you’re always accepted, having your needs met, being valued as treasure, being physically comforted.

May we all pray as never before for the Lord to return quickly and for Him to deliver the suffering—everywhere. And may we also ask Him to show us what our part is in this plan and to help us stay the course and be obedient.

Finally, as I get back to my writing projects, I want to mention that several chapters in my book, Heaven Help Me Raise These Children!, mention this subject. There are sections on reaching the poor, prayer, spiritual warfare, etc. I know I’m biased but it’s a good book. If you know of anyone who might enjoy it, or if you know of any small groups of Sunday School classes who might like to use it as their workbook, check it out here:

Thank you for caring. Thank you for sharing. And thanks for being patient with me if I haven't responded yet to your comments. Blogging is new to me. And I have a computer that has serious issues. I'm praying for a new, good working laptop...


Friday, June 23, 2006

Janey's News

Friday 23rd June 06, 10 pm PST

Computer problems have kept me away for a few days...Incredible! In this era, life can be so darned complicated. I don't get it!

I'm not going to talk your ears off here (btw, ear is what comes out if you type era too fast -- just thought you'd want that useless info.). I am presently trying to juggle several things and, unfortunately, there are still only 24 hours in a day -- another sign that modern tech. is still not what it's hyped up to be.

As well as doing O.F. daily, I'm still writing of course. An editor contacted me for permission to use part of a book for an article, but he needed an answer -- today EST. I didn't read it until an hour ago because I just got back from two days elsewhere and we're PST here. So, we'll see what transpires... The article touches a subject I've been plunged into again and again over the past few years -- suffering and how God uses it in our lives.

We cannot be familiar nor indifferent to the suffering in this world. What is important is that we bring Christ into the painful situations for He is the great Redeemer, the One who pours light into darkness.

Thank you for praying for the suffering children in particular. There are so many of them everywhere and our prayers are vital to them.

Returning to the subject of writing, this week I recorded an accompanying CD for my new book, Heaven Help Me Raise These Children:

Lots of thoughts, lots to say, but that's all for now 'cause I have 137 pending emails (yikes).


Friday, June 16, 2006

Janey's News

Friday 16th June

Dear friends, and visitors,

I just want to thank you for caring and visiting. I haven’t yet figured out how to let you respond to me, but I’m looking into that and will set it up so you can. Meanwhile, thanks for checking this blog for updates. And, if you can, leave a BRIEF message introducing yourself. I DO APPRECIATE YOUR VISITS.

Today I’m writing, working on Orphans First and preparing food for tonite’s visitors. I just sent out O.F. prayer requests and am pasting them below for anyone interested. Meanwhile, the street cat I’m ministering to outside (yes, even cats…) is meowing not for food (I fed her already) but for hugs, pats, love. How do I know that? Because since I’ve been loving on her & her baby, they now call until I caress them (much to the disgust of the older of my own two cats—the female of course). These cats want what most creatures want—LOVE.

That never ceases to amaze me – everyone needs love – even felines. And especially children. That is why I do what I do, by God’s grace. “It ain’t right”! I can’t stand that children suffer... I believe God has called His own to help them. And He’s ready to work through us—if we’ll let Him.

Well, must go for today since it’s already lunch time and still tons to do. Prayer requests below if you want them. Hope to talk to you again soooooooooooooon. Thank you.


Orphans First Prayer Requests, June 16, 2006

Dear Prayer Friends,

Thank you for praying for my travels. They were fruitful and I've come home with several writing assignments that could make a difference for the suffering children. I again met many people who've adopted—some four children—and others praying about adoption. OUR PRAYERS ARE BEING ANSWERED.

One thing I learned at both conferences: I need to blog. So, please visit my new blog – – and enjoy the music video which so expresses OF’s heart.

Now let’s praise God and pray for the following:

* India -- continued blessings on Grace Home.
Pray for all of India and the many poor children, abused, homeless children, AIDS victims…
* Thailand -- Mink, the 9-yr-old dear girl in Bangkok we are funding to go to deaf school. She is doing well and will hopefully begin school any day now. Pray for the many street children, and sexual child victims in Thailand and surrounding countries.

* poor and suffering children throughout Africa, and for our contacts in Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, & Gabon (P. Jean-Sylvestre is presently visiting us here in America from Libreville).
* street children, AIDS children, and orphans throughout this desperate continent.

* Russia, Moscow -- the street children Alexandra ministers to, supported by O.F. Pray for a home for them in the future, and for them all to really walk with Christ.
* Russia, St.Pete -- the children still awaiting a forever family.
* France -- troubled youths in France, and hurting little ones. (We are no longer there geographically, but our hearts are with the people).

* Adoptions -- for Christians adopting -- that God would open wide the doors, and that He'd call more to adopt.
* Foster parents and children.
…a mother who has been trying to adopt two children who have been abused and bounced from one foster home to another. Recently they were put back in the orphanage due to violations in the foster home they were in but the mother wanting to adopt them is being refused because she doesn’t “OWN her own home” (neither do we so I guess we couldn’t adopt either). . However, she is a loving, older Christian woman and could provide them with the healing love of God they so desperately need.
* Pray also 21 year old Zandinal who has suffered abuse in her home country in African and who is now with a family in America. Pray for her 6 year old daughter who is still in Africa and may be in danger of abuse.

Thank you for continuing to pray for the little ones.

In Christ who IS compassion,

Janey L. DeMeo
Founder/director of Orphans First; author & freelance writer
Website: / E-mail:

Monday, June 12, 2006

Dear Friends,
I'm so sorry I don't get to blog very often. I've had the craziest, busiest season ever. I just flew in from Chicago where I attended the Write-to-Publish conference again. It was awesome. More than awesome. I've come home renewed, and scared since I now have new writing assignments with soooooooon deadlines & 167 impending emails. Yikes. I'm also beginning a new adventure as an Arbonne consultant. Scary for me.
The week before last Louis & I were in Florida where we participated in Mattias wedding to Suzanne (he's one of our French "disciples"). Awesome time. Also enjoyed being with some other friends who adopted some older children from Russia. Before that, I was in Colorado for the Colorado Christian Writer's Conference. An awesome time also.
For those interested in my book, see: Heaven help me raise these children
For anyone who doesn't know me, check out Orphans first
Anyway, all this is to say that I really appreciate your friendships. I'm sorry I don't write more often. It's just a busy period. Thanks so much for being my friend.
Blog 1 – 23.5.06

Dear blogger buddies,

I'm not a blogger. This is my big declaration. But since I'm a writer and founder of Orphans First, I've been told I need to start blogging (as if I don't have enough to do right?). So, bear with me and don't think I'm just anti-social. I appreciate anyone who wants to be my friend, and especially those who want to get on the band wagon and help the suffering children of the world -- Orphans First The needs are so great. I'll try to answer questions in my blog that people might ask. But I may only get to blog occasionally until the dust settles. Read on and you'll understand...

I'm actually on a whirlwind of a schedule for a few months. For one, I just got back from the Colorado Christian Writer's Conference where I taught a wee workshop and also represented Orphans First. It was an awesome time (thanks so much for praying). God is really touching hearts and opening them to reach the poor and needy. Some folks are even considering adoption... I've also come back to a ton of assignments -- all with deadlines yesterday (so it seems). I leave early tomorrow morning for Dallas, then Florida where my husband does a wedding for one of our French disciples (& I translate). We'll be gone about a week. Then I leave again on June 6th for a week for Write-to-Publish at Wheaton, Chicago area. (I don't know why God does things this way, but He does.) Yikes! This is a reeaaaaaaaally challenging season. Prayers appreciated.

Meanwhile, I'm still running Orphans First, writing, being a wife and being a Mom (my baby is only 18-years-old, and still at home; his sis is 23, &, no, you may not guesstimate my ancientness). My real babies are Zuca & Zambo -- my two cats.

For those interested in finding out more about my new book, check it out:Heaven Help Me Raise These Children!
The book provides biblical insight to practical parenting issues. It's a valuable tool for parents, those working with children and those wanting to expand their horizons to work with children -- especially the most hurting. My prayer is that the Lord use it as He wishes. It's in His hands (not that I don't have my part to do in marketing -- I do).

That's all for now. Must pack...

Thank you for caring.

Janey L. DeMeo Founder/director of Orphans First; author & freelance writerWebsite: Orphans First
Tel: 714-680-9690
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