Monday, November 21, 2016

Mary Did You Know?

A beautiful song that inspires our hearts to imagine what it must have been like for Mary, knowing she as carrying God's very Son. Can we even begin to imagine? The awe.

The birth of the Savior, our Jesus. Our Lord. Our King. Our Savior. Oh, the awe.

Peter Hollens rendition of "Mary Did You Know?" 

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Who Killed JonBenét?

Who Killed JonBenét? jolts us to Christmas 1996 in Boulder, Colorado. Christmas lights and snow set the backdrop, but instead of feeling the traditional warm and fuzzies you might expect from a holiday season story, this movie recounts the mysterious details of the true-life murder of a little girl, JonBenét.

JonBenét was the six-year-old daughter of John and Patsy Ramsey—wealthy, highly respected church-going citizens of Boulder, Colorado. She was also a petite pageant princess whose talent and precocious nature drew many admirers. Thus when JonBenét’s strangulated body was found the day after Christmas in the basement of the family’s home, the immediate thought was that someone obsessed with the little girl had broken in and killed the child. But that theory was quickly debunked.

Police then took an interest to JonBenét’s 9-year-old brother, Burke, particularly because he had often been left in the shadows of his sister’s pedestal and thus showed little emotion over her loss. But after interviews and further investigation, it became evident that the boy had nothing to do with the killing.

So who did kill this little princess?

Investigations were difficult as detectives found themselves dealing with a compromised crime scene (yes, the body had been moved—a slip-up that can be blamed on a lack of police presence on the crime scene). The came across a ransom note, but upon further scrutiny, the note proved to be fake. Suspicions then turned to the Ramseys.

The film is riveting and revives the JonBenét murder mystery. The story gives provides a window into the Ramsey’s lives and highlights the hindrances the police faced in trying to solve this heinous crime. But what really happened to JonBenét that dismal Christmas in Colorado remains a mystery to this day. No one knows for sure who killed JonBenét.

Who Killed JonBenét? premieres this coming Saturday, November 5 at 8pm ET/PT.

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