Friday, July 23, 2010

End Times and Homelessness

One of the biggest shockers I got when I first came to rich America (especially Southern California) was to see so many homeless people -- even children. Shocking!

Read my article about being Homeless in San Diego here in The Examiner.

On another note, some sixty Orphans First friends (many from our House Church in San Clemente) attended TBN to view live TV -- a special End Times edition with Chuck Smith, Tim LaHaye and Josh McDowell. Orphans First was given a special mention and displayed across the screen. You can see the show at and go into the archives for the July 21st live show.

Feedback on my article in The Examiner welcome.

Janey L. DeMeo M.A.

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stand Down for Homeless Veterans

(Pic of soldier jumping out of plane courtesy of

A few things are very dear to my heart. Of course, children and orphans (anyone who knows me knows that much). But also our military who serve us by keeping us safe. (A huge hug and thank you to our military.) And then there's homeless people; My heart breaks for homeless people -- half of whom are byproducts of a broken society and came straight from the foster system where they never connected to a loving family. But a third of those homeless folks are veterans.

Now, as Mike Turko (a local San Diego reporter) would say: "That ain't right!" And he's right. It ain't right.

That's why I love what's taking place this weekend in San Diego: a three-day event reaching out to about 1,000 veterans u this area -- most of whom are homeless.

Read more about this fantabulous event in my latest article in The Examiner here. And please leave a comment. I love to hear from you.

Janey DeMeo

Janey L. DeMeo M.A.
Copyright © July 2010
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Quakes and Tragedy Shakes San Diego

Lately it seems that things just aren't normal around here. For one thing, it's been awfully cold. (Well, cold by San Diego standards which, admittedly, defy the rest of the world in terms of perfect temperatures.) For another, it's been relatively quiet (or maybe that's because it's cold and people are not partying as much!).

But some San Diegans, it has been anything but quiet lately.

Read the rest of this article here in The Examiner.

Oh, and by the way, the photo has nothing to do with San Diego, but a lot to do with earthquakes. It's a picture of us sitting under a building affected by the huge earthquake in Haiti. (We're sitting in rubble and under a house that could crash and tumble at any moment.) More on that later . . . (when you've read my article).

Janey DeMeo M.A.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


If you want to know how to reach the world for Christ during this high-tech, high-speed society, read NetCasters by Craig von Buseck.

NetCasters is a fabulous read of rich information and inspiration on how we can share God's heart to a lost world with a little wisdom and savvy. The Internet is it.

Evangelism does not have to come solely from the pulpit. Technology is evolving. The Internet is growing. Why should evangelists be left behind? Twitter, Facebook, and blogs are no longer just entertainment sites for bored college students. Social media is a super-highway of information accessible to users of all ages. When it comes to our society’s spirituality, research shows that fifty million people will rely solely on the Internet for their faith based experiences in 2010.

In NetCasters (B& H Publishing Group), Craig von Buseck attempts to enlighten today’s Christians on the benefits of using the Internet as a tool for evangelism. Yes, the Internet can be used for good, and it should be! People are on the Internet, and people need to be reached.

Craig von Buseck profiles those evangelists who are working effectively on the Internet. He also encourages the church as a whole to get on board with technology and carry out the great commission on web pages, facebook posts, blog posts, and even tweets. This insightful piece of literature is a one stop shop for a Christian’s guide to the Internet.

NetCasters, was written by Craig von Buseck, who serves as ministries director for He oversees all online evangelism and discipleship efforts for, which is the web site of the Christian Broadcasting Network. He authors the ChurchWatch blog, and resides in Virginia Beach, Virgina where he actively seeks to educate believers everywhere on the possibilities of the World Wide Web.

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Buy Netcasters here. Or download the Kindle version here.

More reviews, news, views -- or Janey's Muse soon.

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Friday, July 02, 2010

America's Fleeing Freedom -- July 4th

Independence is celebrated in so many different ways around the world. This photo is of our children in Grace Home, India celebrating Indian Independence Day and having a lot of fun. More details here.

The interesting thing about July 4th (Independence Day) is that it's an opportunity to celebrate our freedom as a nation. The irony is that we're fast losing that freedom.

From a European perspective (I'm a Brit), it saddens me to watch America sell her soul out. In the past few years, I've watched this beautiful nation, land of the free, slide down one long slippery slope towards giving up her freedom. Just watch the news. Compromise upon compromise is gripping us at the throat and will lead to our downfall.

America is now promoting illegal activities (I'm not gonna go there, but if it's illegal, we shouldn't reward it). She is weakening the family structure (gay parenthood honored in schools, Obama honors gays on father's day -- hello!), accommodating Muslims while belittling Christians and rebuffing Israel. We are closing our eyes to things that are just darned wrong so we can enjoy ignorant bliss rather than asking questions. Disturbing questions.

There's also the oil spill. Huge oil spill that's done more damage than anyone dares tell us. Hardly a day of freedom for all the wildlife being killed.

More on Independence Day in my latest article in The Examiner.

Janey L. DeMeo

Janey L. DeMeo M.A.
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