Sunday, July 11, 2010

Quakes and Tragedy Shakes San Diego

Lately it seems that things just aren't normal around here. For one thing, it's been awfully cold. (Well, cold by San Diego standards which, admittedly, defy the rest of the world in terms of perfect temperatures.) For another, it's been relatively quiet (or maybe that's because it's cold and people are not partying as much!).

But some San Diegans, it has been anything but quiet lately.

Read the rest of this article here in The Examiner.

Oh, and by the way, the photo has nothing to do with San Diego, but a lot to do with earthquakes. It's a picture of us sitting under a building affected by the huge earthquake in Haiti. (We're sitting in rubble and under a house that could crash and tumble at any moment.) More on that later . . . (when you've read my article).

Janey DeMeo M.A.

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