Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What God Hath Wrought - Chuck Smith & The Jesus Movement

One of the greatest spiritual revivals to sweep America, even the world, was the Jesus Movement. It happened back in the late sixties during the hippy era, and one of the key players was Chuck Smith.

What God Hath Wrought tells the story of Chuck Smith and the birth of the Jesus Movement and Calvary Chapel. It’s a story that has marked history in remarkable ways, changed lives radically; a story well worth hearing.

Read more about What God Hath Wrought in my section of The Examiner -- and, since, it's Halloween week, see a trailer of Chuck Smith talking on that topic.  

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Mark, the movie

So, we've all heard about the "mark of the beast" right? I believe in it (duh! why wouldn't I? I'm a Bible believer.) So...here's a new movie called The Mark. And it's interesting and entertaining. 

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Saturday, October 06, 2012

The River

The River by Michael Neale tells the story of Gabriel Clarke, haunted since early childhood by the memory of a tragedy no child should have to witness—a misfortune that leaves him fragile and broken.

Gabriel’s life on a farm with his mother and an endearing older couple offers plenty of distractions for a young boy. But Gabriel’s deep sadness about what he witnessed and what he lost quenches his joy; life is a struggle and he is unable embrace all it has to offer.

But Gabriel’s story is not over. He was made for a higher purpose. He was made for The River. And only when he returns to The River—something brought about through circumstances beyond his own planning—does he face the truth.

The River forces Gabriel to overcome his fears, to face his past, and to discover the unpleasant details about what really happened on that dismal day when he was five-years-old. The River changes his life. But it also means he has to change his if he is to fully enjoy the freedom and joy The River offers him. He must forgive.

The River brings healing and redemption. Gabriel is finally home.

The River, although published by Thomas Nelson, is not an overtly Christian story but it is a safe wholesome and inspiring read for adults young and old alike.

Michael Neale is an award winning Christian songwriter, especially known for the song, Your Great Name.

The River is Michael’s first novel and can be found in most Christian bookstores.

This review also appears in my article section of The Examiner

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