Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Janey's News

Last time I blogged was over three weeks ago. What happened? Well, for one thing I moved – again. Seems like since we left the missionfield a few years back, we’ve moved a million times. I hate moving but that’s another story. But the good news is that we love the new rental home we are now living in. Everyone who has seen it says it looks as if it was made for us (Still praying to own a home some day…).

All this moving makes me think again of the many foster children who are often traipsed from home to home – always scared of what the new foster parents will be like, always sad and lonely as they have to make new friends and find their place again in a school or family. Forever wondering why they don’t have a real mom & dad. Or what about the children in orphanages dreaming about some day being adopted? Their lives are sometimes a daily effort to survive without crying in a corner somewhere. Or what about children on the streets? There are millions. In Moscow, we help the street children and their lives would be bleaker than bleak without our help – But in spite of our help and the covers we give, Russian winter in the streets is no fun. And winter will soon come.

Then there are the stray animals. I often wonder what will happen to them – and indeed all animals – once the Rapture comes. I’m glad to say we found homes for all the stray kittens. Hopefully, parent cats Milo & Mya, are in new homes since we gave them into an animal shelter (as we were moving and have our own cats we knew we had to do something so they wouldn’t starve, be mistreated or propagate). I think Heaven’s going to be an awesome place – of course seeing Jesus first but also seeing the suffering children in glory and, hopefully, lots of animals.

I think that’s all for now. Too much to organize. Too many details to take care of since the move. And my daughter’s wedding coming up. Yikes. So much to do. Oh, I forgot, Louis & I just celebrated 25 years of marriage. Now that’s a miracle nowadays. Only God can do that. And He did!