Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sentinel: City of Destiny by Landel Bilbrey

As far as biblical analogy and teaching content are concerned,
Sentinel: City of Destiny by Landel Bilbrey is one of the finest children’s books I’ve read. (And, trust me, I’m really picky!).

Sentinel is written for both parents and sons (although I do believe girls would enjoy it just as much). Using creative biblical parallel, Bilbrey has woven a fantasy that any child would enjoy—one that keeps you wondering what will happen next and yet teaches you biblical truths along the way.

The book provides a beautiful story about two brothers, Jerol and Jadan, and the two opposing paths they choose. One listens to the King, and the other is drawn away to follow his own desires. But both are given equal opportunity to follow the path to Sentinel.

Sentinel helps parents shape character in their youngsters, and helps kids develop character as they apply what they read. As well as offering a good, fun story, Sentinel also supplies a study section at the back where readers can work out the practical sense of the story and apply it to their lives.

Sez Bilbrey: “Sentinel is a Christian fantasy novel ... a modern day allegory (Think The Chronicles of Narnia crossed with Pilgrim's Progress). Its story is aimed primarily at boys ages 8 to 12, but speaks to people of all ages. (There are suspense, battles with creatures, temptations, etc.) You might say it is an adventure story with a moral. It is currently available online at Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, Borders.com, Walmart.com, etc. I wrote it to capture the attention of preteen boys and crafted the allegory to be a teaching tool for parents (there is a study guide in the back of the book).”

So, what more can I say? I’ve read a lot of children’s books. A lot. This is one I’d highly recommend. It has backbone, gutz, zeal, excitement, story, character and a wonderful allegory to help kids draw closer to Jesus. Thanks Landel Bilbrey.

Check out more info on Sentinel: City of Destiny, and other writing by Landel Bilbrey here.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Orphans First in Benin Africa, Summer News

Benin—the land where many of the African slaves were stolen and brought to America.

No wonder God is allowing Orphans First to make a serious dent for the Kingdom in that same country where we’re seeing children (& adults) become delivered from their carnal chains by the love of Jesus.

As I’ve shared before here—and on the Orphans First Prayer Chain—this year we hope to establish a new children’s home in Benin. (Prayers appreciated for this.) We already work with some seventy children there, teaching them about Jesus and providing some of their physical needs. But some of them need a home. And we’re trusting God to provide soon.

Koudjo, our key contact in Benin, is a Togolese man who was mentored in large by my husband through our Theological Institute in France. This summer, Koudjo celebrates the inauguration of the new Bible College. My husband and I are expected to attend. But the trip may possibly be postponed until later this year since we may be moving. We’ll see . . .

To read more on Benin—or any of our Orphans First ministries—check out the revamped Orphans First website: www.orphansfirst.org. (And check regularly since we’ll be adding more soon.) To find the page on Benin, click on: Our Work, then Africa, then Benin.

Thank you for your prayers.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Of Dogs and of Men!

It’s pretty sad when those who’ve accepted to defend our country—to protect the innocent and stand in strong integrity against evil—become evil themselves. Shame, shame, disgust to the marines who threw an innocent puppy over a cliff. (I won’t even include the link to the story because their gore deserves no more attention other than to remind us that there are dark spots in some human heart. No dog would act like these marines.)

I recently saw a photo of another dog—one who was apparently pregnant and found herself caught in a fire. She was saved by a fireman. Thank God for that fireman and other men of integrity who serve us, mere humans, blessing us with their brave integrity. As for the beautiful dog, she had a special thanks for this fireman. You can read and see it here.

On news tonight, we met Chester. Chester is a tiny dog who goes into hospitals and nursing homes pouring out his love and affection—and bringing healing because of it.

Meanwhile, my husband and I are meeting more and more disillusioned Christians. Disillusioned by the church. By Christians. By those who claim to know Jesus but whose actions show anything but. It’s a sad thing. Especially sad considering that, in France there aren’t even half a percent Christians, and most of the churches (the few there are), are dead. Here in America, there are churches on every corner. But so few are apparently really drawing people into a deep walk with Jesus. So few really coming alongside the people and licking their wounds—like a loving dog.

No wonder my husband, a pastor who truly loves people, finds his days filled as he pours out to hurting people hungry to know about Jesus. People have been through so much. They so need to be loved and heard.

I told a friend today, “Churches would have a lot less problems if they were filled with dogs.” Oh, those precious, humble, loving, giving dogs… They have a lot to teach us.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Prayer Vigil for Children at Risk -- So Cal

Yes, yes, yes-—we can make a difference. And here’s one way to begin. Prayer.

I recently spoke about the Battle of Kruger, and how we can make a difference for the hurting children—-if we band together in oneness of purpose. To that end, we're organizing a Prayer Vigil for Children at Risk at North Coast Calvary Chapel for this Friday. All prayer warriors, and would-be-prayer-warriors, welcome.

For recent prayer requests for children in need, go to the Orphans First website, and click on Prayer. On top of our other children’s ministries and homes, we have recently taken on an orphanage in Romania that was started by Richard & Sabina Wurmbrandt—and that is in dire need. The children and workers no longer have consistent support. We have begun helping them, and hope to help them regularly.

Still, there are thousands of millions of children in need all over the world. Please join us this week in praying for them-—whether you pray from home, in your car, in small groups, in your church, wherever. Find out more here. Let’s band together and make a difference.

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