Friday, January 14, 2011

Haiti and Poverty Awareness Month

New article on Haiti, Poverty Awareness, Earthquakes and our biblical response in The Examiner here.

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Saturday, January 08, 2011

National Poverty Awareness Month & the Christian Response

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January is National Poverty Awareness Month. Please read my related article on this subject here in the San Diego Christian Perspectives Examiner. (I'd love for you to leave a comment.)

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Spiritual Fitness Checkup for the 50-Something Woman

The Spiritual Fitness Checkup for the 50-Something Woman by Sharon King, PhD

Every 7 seconds, another “Baby Boomer” turns 50... That’s a lot of “MIDLIFERS!”

Along with many physical and emotional changes, midlife can bring a deluge of spiritual questions:
• Where am I at this major milestone of my life?
• Where am I headed?
• How do I prepare for “later life?”

Book Summary
Christian author and gerontologist Dr. Sharon V. King welcomed her 50th birthday asking these same questions. In the Introduction to her book, The Spiritual Fitness Checkup for the 50-Something Woman, she writes:

“The view from my 50th birthday was quite different from what I had anticipated. As a Christian, I was ready to start cataloging everything from the first 50 years of my life for which I wanted to thank God—and all the issues I genuinely needed to discuss with Him in considerable detail. But, as the cataloging progressed, unusual items surfaced—doubt, regret, loss, resentment, disappointment—feelings that were far less rosy than the pink icing on my birthday cake.”

Realizing that thousands of other “50-something” women may have the same feelings about their official entry into midlife, Sharon set out to apply her knowledge of aging to her spiritual questions and help other women find their way through the midlife maze and, revive (or discover) the joys that come from a closer walk with God at this unique crossroads of life.

Organized like a visit to the doctor’s office for a routine physical, the boo presents 10 spiritual fitness “checkups” and exercises to help you take your own midlife “Spiritual Pulse Check.” You will learn how to:
• Jettison unwanted spiritual baggage
• View your midlife crisis from God’s perspective
• Focus on forgiveness instead of anger
• Conduct a spiritual lab test
• Improve your spiritual stamina
• Enhance your meditation time
• Spiritualize your midlife self-image
These Spiritual Pulse Checks can be used by individuals or for group discussion points. It is Sharon’s hope that The Spiritual Fitness Checkup for the 50-Something Woman will help readers adopt the same attitude toward their spiritual health as they do their physical health, and strive to maintain a vibrant relationship with God.

3 Steps to Aging Gracefully:
1. Enjoy the journey. Unfortunately, our youth-loving society has taught women to fear aging. Slowly but surely, the word is getting out that the second 50 years of life can be as fulfilling and possibly more exciting than the first.

2. Remain flexible. Even though our second 50 years may be exciting, that doesn’t mean they won’t be full of change. We can choose to manage changes creatively and positively or be victim to them. We hear the word “reinvent” a lot for women facing midlife years. It’s more than media hype; it’s a spiritual doctrine. Who knows more about “making all things new” than God?

3. Don’t go it alone. We all should seek social support as we move into later life, no matter our life status. That support may or may not come from our families. It may be in the form of a group or a single individual—face to face or across the internet. We gain perspective as we hear that others are traveling and have traveled this same journey. It’s essential we can avoid isolating ourselves, which can lead to depression. We can reach out to women in other cultures or with lifestyles very different from ours and learn just how universal this aging business really is.

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