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The Book of Mysteries, Jonathan Cahn

New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Cahn brings us another remarkable book, The Book of Mysteries.

Similar to Cahn’s New York Times bestseller, The Harbinger, Cahn’s latest book also uses fictional narrative to bring forth biblical truths. (“The teacher” represents Jesus.) Yet this book is not a novel. With 365 short chapters, The Book of Mysteries is more of a daily devotional.

What sets Cahn’s writing apart is his insightful biblical perspective. As a Jewish rabbi turned pastor, Jonathan Cahn possesses profound grasp of the Bible’s original language and its nuances. Add that to his understanding of Jewish culture and you have an easy-read book that adds a new dimension to Biblical reading.

Cahn is considered by many to be more than just a pastor or intriguing author; he is known as a powerful and prophetic voice to this generation. His influence is huge. He has spoken to diverse people groups including the US Congress and the United Nations. He is also president of Hope of the World, a worldwide evangelistic outreach and he leads the Jerusalem Center-Beth Israel in Wayne, NJ.

But the best person to talk about Jonathan Cahn and his work is the rabbi himself. Please enjoy my interview with Jonathan Cahn below.

JD—Wonderful to connect with you, Jonathan. Your urgent appeals for America to wake up and return to God during these dark times—and your passion for God’s Word—are compelling. To what extent does The Book of Mysteries echo this critical call to repentance?

JC—The Harbinger is the opening of an ancient biblical mystery, so too The Mystery of the Shemitah. The reader of The Book of Mysteries will have hundreds of biblical mysteries opened up. Some of these mysteries deal with end-times as do the first books – such as The Apostasia, The House of Spirits, The Fourth Creature, The Chiasma, etc. Others are mysteries of heaven, mysteries of the ages, mysteries behind world history, mysteries of God’s Word.  It even opens up mysteries behind the reader’s life and destiny. But what binds them all together, on top of the uncovering of God’s mysteries, is that each is not only the revelation of mysteries, but the call to one’s heart and life, the call of repentance, change, and transformation. In the first two books, the call was more on a national level. In The Book of Mysteries, it’s on a personal and individual level. Since each mystery contains keys and truths to apply to one’s life, to change and transform one’s life, I believe it will be a life-changing journey for the reader.  Beyond that I pray that The Book of Mysteries strengthens their faith, deepens their devotion to God, and empowers them for breakthrough. And prophetically, I believe the days ahead will be very challenging for believers. So I’ve written The Book of Mysteries to strengthen God’s people.

 JD—I like that The Book of Mysteries is divided into 365 sections so it can be used as a daily reading for those who like that format. Overall, how does the book compare to The Harbinger and The Shemitah? In other words, what ways do the three books intertwine or differ?

JC – Yes.  The Book of Mysteries functions on several different levels. In one realm, of course, it is the revelation of the mysteries. On another realm, it is a novel and an odyssey. On the other hand, since it is a journey of 365 days, it also functions as a daily devotional, and yet because of its uniqueness, unlike other devotionals. So it can be read straight through, or every day, or at any rate as led by the reader.  This is also what was used in The Harbinger.  There a prophet uncovers the revelations to the man Nouriel. Here the mysteries are opened up by a man called the teacher, to the other, his disciple.

JD—As well as a powerful preacher, you are also a riveting storyteller. What made you choose fiction as an outlet for your message?

JC - In The Harbinger, I was led to open up prophetic truths through a narrative, a story, to make it easier to receive the depth of what was being unveiled.  In the same way, the revelations in The Book of Mysteries is opened through a narrative. A man journeys into the desert where he meets a man simply known as ‘the teacher.’ The teacher takes the man on a one year journey, through desert plains, mountains, caverns, tent villages, and mystery filled chambers. So the reader is, likewise, taken along the journey. Every day, the teacher opens up a new mystery, a new lesson, a new revelation.  So the reader is taken along the journey as if he was the student - experiencing them as directly from the teacher - ascending mountains, entering dark chambers, even attending a wedding of desert tent-dwellers, and each in place receiving a mystery to touch his or her life.  

JD—What is the most important thing you’d like the readers to take away from The Book of Mysteries?

 JC— That God is amazing – that there’s no end to His mysteries, His wonders, His awesomeness, and His love. And that we must never stop seeking Him. If we open up our lives to seek – we will find.  The journey is neverending.

JD— What do you see as America’s greatest need today? And how can the body of Christ help meet this need?

JC—Return to God.  Humble ourselves, pray, seek His face, turn from our sinful ways, be not silent, be not intimidated, be not compromised, but be bold, proclaim the Gospel, manifest His love, and shine as lights in the darkness.

JD—Compelling words from a master storyteller with a powerful message.

Published by FrontLine, an imprint of Charisma, The Book of Mysteries is sure to be another bestseller. Find your copy in major bookstores everywhere.

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