Friday, July 21, 2006

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Not Easy Playing God

Tonight we took Pixie & Patch to the Healthy Paws petstore. It was a hard choice but we know it’s time to give these kitties away so they can have a better life. Tomorrow, Griggio will go to live with Melody and her family (and have a wonderful life). This leaves Tabby. Since she’s so tiny, we thought we’d keep her an extra day and then take her over to the pet store also—unless we find an adopting family first.

We also thought it might be “softer” on mom to take the babies progressively.

Anyway, an interesting thought struck me as we were discussing the fate of these kitties. Not only have we already named each one—and they don’t even know they have names, much less identities—but we also have a plan for each one. I mean, here we are discussing their fate. They know nothing of it. Made me think of this verse:
“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope” (Jer.29:11, NKJV).

We’re discussing their futures for THEIR sakes, so they will have a better life, and not have to struggle on the streets. They have no say in it. And it will be happier if they just accept and trust. Just like us with God.

Now, another interesting thing about these cats—something I’ve never ever seen before, not in all my years knowing animals (no, I don’t mean my husband or my kids – I mean animals as in furry creatures…). The malecat of this little family, Milo, is totally involved in their lives. Totally. He’s a wonderful dad. He licks the kitties – and the mom – cuddles them by lying next to them snuggling, disciplines them when they need to go to bed, and just totally watches out for them.

When our yard gate is opened, he sits like a watchdog in front of the gap, making sure no-one comes in nor out. He watches over them at night and yields his place so they eat first. And he and mom (who is also sister) love one another.

This afternoon, momcat, Myer, pushed Milo over and lay her head on him. There she lay, just basking in the sun, resting with her head on her lover and protector, the kids playing all around her. I have never seen a dadcat remain involved in the life of his kids.

On another note, I leave for England tomorrow so this will be my last blog for a few weeks. I return Aug.3. I would appreciate prayer. Some of my family know the Lord, others don’t. I desire to just be a light to them all, to love them and reveal the One who is Love. I’d appreciate prayer for trip and for my family who’ll be staying here. Thank you for continuing to pray also for the suffering children of the world.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Janey's News

To blog or not to blog, that is the question.

Now I’ve begun blogging, I need to blog. My problem is not what to say but how to find an extra few minutes to say it. I leave next week for England for two weeks to visit family and I have so much to finish up before then. My writing assignments include: a book proposal, a story, a query, two articles, my Orphans First newsletter and—my blog. And I still work O.F. fulltime, have my family and have now begun with Arbonne. How to do it? I don’t know but I do know the Minute-maker, the Time-creator who actually lives outside time. I’ll trust Him to help.

Meanwhile, my house needs tidying, cleaning and reinventing (why doesn’t my son pick up after himself, and why do the cats love to tear up toilet rolls?!?) And I now have a wedding to look at which was not on my agenda, although it was clearly on God’s. My daughter’s wedding to her fine beau. We love them both and pray their lives would serve our King.

Outside in my yard is another family—a family of six cats. Yep, you got it. I’ve now got the entire street cat family living in my shed since I rescued Milo and Miya’s four adorable kittens and put them there. They are more than happy and growing fast. About a month old now so their markings are clear, I’ve named them thus:
Patch – he’s white with a lot of black smudges on him,
Griggio – (Italian for grey) he’s white with grey patches
Pixie – she has pointed ears,
Tabby – because she’s the only one that’s a tabby color (probably a different Dad since cats can be pregnant from several partners. Thank God humans can’t because the foster system is already inundated with precious, neglected children).

Watching them is a delight. Feeding them is a “galère” (French words still come to mind faster for some things and this word corresponds to “pain in the…wherever”.

The most curious thing of all is to see something I’ve never seen before in the cat world—the father is totally involved in their lives & helps take care of them with his sister/spouse (sounds like Song of Solomon here). It is beautiful to watch. When they stray too far, Dadcat gets them back in line, biting the back of their neck just as the Momcat does. They are a team. A perfect family.

Oh that it would be that way for all cats. And for all children. No-one should be without a home, a safe-place, parents, a family. No-one. May our God keep us on our knees and tell us how we can help the needy children of the world.

Hope to talk to you again soon before I leave for England. But if not, talk when I get back (I won’t have computer access, and need to concentrate on my family anyway when I’m there). Your prayers for this busy week, my trip and the needy children are appreciated. Oh, and pray I find homes for these kittens. I’m given them free to anyone who’ll provide them with a good home.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

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Saturday July 8th

It is a scorching hot day. And it reminds me of France in August, or Africa and India anytime—except that the latter two are more humid in climate. I miss all these places, and particularly miss the precious children who are so hungry to be loved.

I’m always amazed at how crucial love is. It is vital to those who are suffering. Mother Teresa understood that. She is my example. Over the years, I’ve had the joy of helping many suffering children find homes, find help, find love. I pray God gives me the strength to continue doing this always. ( Recently, a living analogy of the precariousness of street life moved in—literally. After hearing a pathetic little cry from my window, I went in quest of what I was sure was a kitten. It was! Right in the neighbor’s yard. And nearby were her three siblings. Momcat was looking for a new place for them all, probably to protect them from the barking dog and the neighbor’s children.

So, what did I do? Since I’d already been feeding the mother cat, and her brother (who’s also the babies’ father), I decided to bring the whole clan over and nestled them into a corner of the shed. Four tiny kittens about 22 days (my guess). A hungry family of six now living in my yard—to the disgust of my two cats since I now can’t let them out until the kittens leave. Needless to say, I’m seeking good homes for the kitties.

What strikes a chord in my heart every day is how vulnerable these creatures are. And as I blogged previously, food alone doesn’t satisfy their needs. The felines crave caresses. I’ve actually held the cats in my arms yet they’re still leery when there’s a lot of noise. But they are so transformed since a few months ago when they were mangy and scrawny. Now their coats look better and they lie in my yard purring under the sun. At home.

But this does not negate that they need daily food, and daily love. And they all need real homes. But more important still are the millions of children who live in fear, hunger and neglect—and whose greatest need is to belong, to be loved. This need aches in my heart. All children deserve a good home. None deserve to suffer and be abandoned. So my question today is: What can we do to make a difference for them? Prayer is a start. If you’re interested in becoming a prayer partner, check out my website or email me.

On another note altogether – sorta unrelated – because life is so painful, we all love stories. Good stories are salutary to all of us, especially children. One of my favorite forms of story is fantasy. I love C.S. Lewis’ writings and especially love Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. But today there are Christian writers exploring this genre with great success. Donita Paul is one such writer delighting the reader with wholesome values woven into fantasy. Check out her books:

Thank you for caring for the hurting in this world. May our God help us do more—in His strength and with His heart.

Monday, July 03, 2006

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July 3rd

Thanks for visiting this blog. If you're in France, bienvenue. La France me manques énormément.

Thanks for those of you praying for the needy children. I sense a stirring in my spirit -- as if God is about to do something new -- or lead us in a new direction, perhaps to reach more children. The needs are so great...

Speaking of new, our family expanded--and I don't just mean more street cats. My daughter got engaged yesterday to Jastin. In standing with our family style, it took place in a gondola (with my husband steering). The proposal message was in Italian and placed in a bottle which Rachele had to pull out of the water -- very romantic. More important than that, we believe the Lord is in it. Now, we just have keep praying for our son, although he has time. I guess there’s a reason my parenting book is called: Heaven Help Me Raise These Children! Only Heaven can…

I must get back to my writing. I'm working on some interesting projects.

May all my American friends, and those I don’t know have a great July 4th. And may Jesus be close to the lonely, the abandoned, the orphans, widows and suffering--and may He protect the animals who are afraid of the firework noises.

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