Saturday, July 15, 2006

Janey's News

To blog or not to blog, that is the question.

Now I’ve begun blogging, I need to blog. My problem is not what to say but how to find an extra few minutes to say it. I leave next week for England for two weeks to visit family and I have so much to finish up before then. My writing assignments include: a book proposal, a story, a query, two articles, my Orphans First newsletter and—my blog. And I still work O.F. fulltime, have my family and have now begun with Arbonne. How to do it? I don’t know but I do know the Minute-maker, the Time-creator who actually lives outside time. I’ll trust Him to help.

Meanwhile, my house needs tidying, cleaning and reinventing (why doesn’t my son pick up after himself, and why do the cats love to tear up toilet rolls?!?) And I now have a wedding to look at which was not on my agenda, although it was clearly on God’s. My daughter’s wedding to her fine beau. We love them both and pray their lives would serve our King.

Outside in my yard is another family—a family of six cats. Yep, you got it. I’ve now got the entire street cat family living in my shed since I rescued Milo and Miya’s four adorable kittens and put them there. They are more than happy and growing fast. About a month old now so their markings are clear, I’ve named them thus:
Patch – he’s white with a lot of black smudges on him,
Griggio – (Italian for grey) he’s white with grey patches
Pixie – she has pointed ears,
Tabby – because she’s the only one that’s a tabby color (probably a different Dad since cats can be pregnant from several partners. Thank God humans can’t because the foster system is already inundated with precious, neglected children).

Watching them is a delight. Feeding them is a “galère” (French words still come to mind faster for some things and this word corresponds to “pain in the…wherever”.

The most curious thing of all is to see something I’ve never seen before in the cat world—the father is totally involved in their lives & helps take care of them with his sister/spouse (sounds like Song of Solomon here). It is beautiful to watch. When they stray too far, Dadcat gets them back in line, biting the back of their neck just as the Momcat does. They are a team. A perfect family.

Oh that it would be that way for all cats. And for all children. No-one should be without a home, a safe-place, parents, a family. No-one. May our God keep us on our knees and tell us how we can help the needy children of the world.

Hope to talk to you again soon before I leave for England. But if not, talk when I get back (I won’t have computer access, and need to concentrate on my family anyway when I’m there). Your prayers for this busy week, my trip and the needy children are appreciated. Oh, and pray I find homes for these kittens. I’m given them free to anyone who’ll provide them with a good home.



Neurotic Mom said...

Have a great time in Englad.

Paula said...

Welcome to blog world. I didn't know you were a fellow blogger! I loved the picture you painted about the cat family.

come and visit me at GraceReign when you have the time.

Diana Joy said...

Hi janey!
I hope you have a wonderful time:)
I am posting to as many people as I can this message:
Go to:
She needs support!!!
Please leave a comment!!
God Bless,
Diana Joy

Janey DeMeo said...

Thanks for the kind, loving comments. Great to see you again Paula. Thanks, friends, for your prayers. My family are not all saved -- not at all. I'm praying I'll be a light to them. Meanwhile, I'm praying my son & husband & all the cats make it without me.