Wednesday, January 30, 2008

REVEIL with Janey DeMeo

Bonjour les fran├žais. Today my new French Radio Broadcast, Reveil was videoed (sorta – except I didn’t know really where to look. I’ll get that down better next week.) It went well except we still have to figure how to get the music to broadcast as well and my voice comes across a little slow. (No, I was not taking drugs and I did sleep last night so no excuses.) But other than that, it sounded good. And several Frenchy friends listened and appreciated. So that’s good enough for me. I’m just trying to be faithful to the small things God asks me to do. The results are in His hands.

For those interested in seeing the broadcast on “how God takes our nothing and makes it into something”, here it is:

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New RADIO BROADCAST for the Frenchies, Bible studies etc.

When I first began blogging, I hadn’t decided how often to blog. At this present time, since I have several blogs to update, I’m keeping a sorta once-a-week post. I know. It’s not much compared to some. Some post daily. Maybe I’ll upstep it in time, but for now, I’d rather be faithful to a more reasonable commitment than fail my commitment by over-committing. Does this make sense?

This past week I’ve found myself teaching in several contexts. Today we broadcasted our first FRENCH RADIO SHOW —REVEIL -- to ladies (& men if they want to listen) across the Internet on Because it’s on the Internet, the program has the potential to reach people in any country. My heart is to especially reach -- & teach – the ladies in France, French Africa (which is half the continent) & Canada. The broadcast will begin with teaching – a sort of Bible study. Then for the second half, folks can call in with questions, comments etc.

Anyway, this was my first show, and it went well (in spite of weeks of being technologically challenged trying to get it to work). I don’t know how many listened but “peu importe” as we say in French (no matter), I’ll be on again next week, same time same channel.

So, check out at 10 am PT (So Cal time) every Wed. morning for my show. And if you want, call in and say Hi (in French of course).

Last week, I had the joy of teaching the women of Christian Surfers Newport Beach (in Costa Mesa). Amazing group of gals. I had a wonderful time sharing on Praying on Empty – something I plan to write about in the future. But the most interesting thing about the evening was how the Spirit lead, and how the women’s hunger directed.

Because these gals have met my husband and my son, they’d heard of me and were eager to hear a little about what I do (a question I often ask myself: What do I do anyway?) So, I began sharing about Orphans First, how it began, stories about children we’ve helped. Needless to say, I cried. And so did some of the other gals. I mean, how can you hear stories of real children who live in such poverty and not weep?

It seems to me – more and more really – that there are too many children out there needing help, especially in the foster system. And it seems to me we should do more for them. Exactly what, I’m not sure. But please pray with me as to how we can better reach out to these children. There shouldn’t be such a thing as a child without a home in such a place as America.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Legalism, Liberalism or Liberty

I love the Scripture which says a false balance is an abomination to the Lord, but a just balance is His delight (Prov.11:1). The NKJV translation of the same verse refers to “dishonest scales.” Isn’t dishonest the same as lacking integrity—or even authenticity? And when we throw away our core values – the things our gut tells us are right – isn’t that throwing away our authenticity? Maybe. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s just that some people no longer know who they are. They’ve been so wounded by false concepts, they don’t really know what they believe any more. Legalism can do that.

There’s something really tragic about what legalism does to people. I have many friends who’ve suffered under the heavy hand of legalistic teaching. They spent their time—lives even—trying to fit into the mold of ministry. And instead of conforming to Christ and His Word, the buckled under people’s impositions. It’s a very human thing. The so-called powerful – especially when in the guise of the spiritual – take advantage of the weaker. The saddest of all are those who thought they were following God when they were actually following a movement.

But the danger that presents itself to people with this kind of bad experience is that when they wake up -- when it dawns on them that they’re being duped by men wanting to control rather than knowing the true freedom found in Christ – then they tend to swing the pendulum in the totally opposite direction. They tend to reject everything they ever learned in the Bible – well, it’s more that they don’t know what’s true anymore -- and out goes the baby with the bathwater. Ouch!

The danger here is that instead of finding liberty, they embrace liberalism. Suddenly anything goes. But what really goes is their soul. It becomes empty. They question everything (which can be a good thing- and can’t believe anything anymore (that’s not a good thing. It leads to an empty soul, sad and confused).

So what’s the answer. Honestly, I don’t know. I believe the Bible is God’s Word so maybe we just need to get back into it. Deeply. Read it, meditate on it. Grab hold of the truths within the pages as if our life depended on it. Because it really does.

Janey L. DeMeo
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Friday, January 04, 2008

Xtra, Xtra - read this year's NEW news!

I'm running-again! There goes my New Year's wish. (I don't make resolutions, only wishes and prayers.) Doesn't look as if my life's gonna be any less busy or buzzy in 2008. Too many deadlines. Too many changes. Too many commitments. Some things never change. Ah, but some things do.One reason I'm extra busy at this time is that I'm revamping Orphans First. I'm moving the main office to Florida. Check the Orphans First website for details:
The new addy is: Orphans First447 South Nova Rd.Ormond Beach, Fl 32174. Before Christmas, my husband and I gave out gifts to poor people in Mexico. The poverty, although not as acute as India, is nonetheless staggering. People living in shacks, undernourished, cold at night. Children dirty, unhealthy. And dogs so thin, you feel the wind could crack their bones. I gave them my tamales, and then went into the car to weep in privacy.I pray Orphans First can make a long-term impact into Mexico-somehow. I also pray we can do something for America's foster children. Please pray with me.Oh, and if you want an exciting read and fun pics of what God is doing in several countries in Africa-crazy adventures, medical missions, helping poor children and pastoral ministry-- read my recent article here: the link doesn't work, go here & look for Max Missions in Africa include medical missions mid-January I'll begin a French radio broadcast-a sort of women's Bible Study on air by Internet and folks can call in live to ask questions. I'm hoping to connect with friends in Africa, France, Canada, Switzerland, even Italy. I'll post details on that soon. Right now, I'm running - off to Las Vagas to teach a women's group.So, while 2008 looks to be as busy and buzzy as ever, I'm looking forward to seeing what God has in store.Janey L. DeMeoCopyright©January 2008