Friday, January 04, 2008

Xtra, Xtra - read this year's NEW news!

I'm running-again! There goes my New Year's wish. (I don't make resolutions, only wishes and prayers.) Doesn't look as if my life's gonna be any less busy or buzzy in 2008. Too many deadlines. Too many changes. Too many commitments. Some things never change. Ah, but some things do.One reason I'm extra busy at this time is that I'm revamping Orphans First. I'm moving the main office to Florida. Check the Orphans First website for details:
The new addy is: Orphans First447 South Nova Rd.Ormond Beach, Fl 32174. Before Christmas, my husband and I gave out gifts to poor people in Mexico. The poverty, although not as acute as India, is nonetheless staggering. People living in shacks, undernourished, cold at night. Children dirty, unhealthy. And dogs so thin, you feel the wind could crack their bones. I gave them my tamales, and then went into the car to weep in privacy.I pray Orphans First can make a long-term impact into Mexico-somehow. I also pray we can do something for America's foster children. Please pray with me.Oh, and if you want an exciting read and fun pics of what God is doing in several countries in Africa-crazy adventures, medical missions, helping poor children and pastoral ministry-- read my recent article here: the link doesn't work, go here & look for Max Missions in Africa include medical missions mid-January I'll begin a French radio broadcast-a sort of women's Bible Study on air by Internet and folks can call in live to ask questions. I'm hoping to connect with friends in Africa, France, Canada, Switzerland, even Italy. I'll post details on that soon. Right now, I'm running - off to Las Vagas to teach a women's group.So, while 2008 looks to be as busy and buzzy as ever, I'm looking forward to seeing what God has in store.Janey L. DeMeoCopyright©January 2008

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