Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New RADIO BROADCAST for the Frenchies, Bible studies etc.

When I first began blogging, I hadn’t decided how often to blog. At this present time, since I have several blogs to update, I’m keeping a sorta once-a-week post. I know. It’s not much compared to some. Some post daily. Maybe I’ll upstep it in time, but for now, I’d rather be faithful to a more reasonable commitment than fail my commitment by over-committing. Does this make sense?

This past week I’ve found myself teaching in several contexts. Today we broadcasted our first FRENCH RADIO SHOW —REVEIL -- to ladies (& men if they want to listen) across the Internet on Because it’s on the Internet, the program has the potential to reach people in any country. My heart is to especially reach -- & teach – the ladies in France, French Africa (which is half the continent) & Canada. The broadcast will begin with teaching – a sort of Bible study. Then for the second half, folks can call in with questions, comments etc.

Anyway, this was my first show, and it went well (in spite of weeks of being technologically challenged trying to get it to work). I don’t know how many listened but “peu importe” as we say in French (no matter), I’ll be on again next week, same time same channel.

So, check out at 10 am PT (So Cal time) every Wed. morning for my show. And if you want, call in and say Hi (in French of course).

Last week, I had the joy of teaching the women of Christian Surfers Newport Beach (in Costa Mesa). Amazing group of gals. I had a wonderful time sharing on Praying on Empty – something I plan to write about in the future. But the most interesting thing about the evening was how the Spirit lead, and how the women’s hunger directed.

Because these gals have met my husband and my son, they’d heard of me and were eager to hear a little about what I do (a question I often ask myself: What do I do anyway?) So, I began sharing about Orphans First, how it began, stories about children we’ve helped. Needless to say, I cried. And so did some of the other gals. I mean, how can you hear stories of real children who live in such poverty and not weep?

It seems to me – more and more really – that there are too many children out there needing help, especially in the foster system. And it seems to me we should do more for them. Exactly what, I’m not sure. But please pray with me as to how we can better reach out to these children. There shouldn’t be such a thing as a child without a home in such a place as America.

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