Monday, March 30, 2015

Miracle at the Higher Grounds Café

Max Lucado brings us another great read in his heavenly novel, Miracle at the Higher Grounds Café, which combines human dilemma with angelic warfare.

When Chelsea Chambers learns her NFL famous husband has cheated on her, she decides she’s done and needs to take her two children and find a new life. Since her mother had recently passed on and left her with the responsibility of a cozy café in San Antonio, she decides this is a good place to start.

Eager to revamp the Higher Grounds Café and draw customers with her delicious cupcakes, she is quickly set back by more bad news: Her mother had failed to keep up with the taxes leaving Chelsea with a humongous debt to the IRS. And with the upbeat Cosmic Café in firm competition with its free Internet and great coffee, Chelsea’s cupcakes just don’t cut it. She needs something else. An attraction to draw clients, a lure, a miracle no less!

While Chelsea remains indifferent to God, her patrons apparently are not. When an Internet system is installed in the Higher Grounds Café, it brings free access to a mysterious God-blog with it. People are able to log in and ask God one question. And He answers with precision and understanding that defies explanation.

At the same time, a convivial, almost childlike character, Manny, joins Chelsea’s team in the café. Manny proves himself to be a real God-send in more ways than one.

With human dilemmas to boot and angelic warfare in the background, Miracle at the Higher Grounds Café flaunts Max Lucado’s incredible imagination coupled with a strong biblical base.

Miracle at the Higher Grounds Café is a sweet story (no pun intended)!

Janey DeMeo M.A.

Copyright © April 2015

Monday, March 02, 2015

The Drop Box, a film that will change your life

The Drop Box, released by Focus on the Family and showing in various cinemas nationwide now through March 4th, is a stunning, compelling true story about Pastor Lee Jong-rak of South Korea who saves babies.

Together with his wife—and with the help of other loving Christians—Pastor Jong-rak works tirelessly day and night to take care of the abandoned babies that are dropped off in what is called “The Baby box”—a drop box where birth-mothers can place their babies and know they will be cared for and loved.

Jong-rak’s journey begun through the birth of his own and his own handicapped son who, in essence, becomes the icon and centerpiece of the entire story. Many of the babies who are dropped off are handicapped in some way of other, whether Downs syndrome, physical handicaps, or premature, they share complex issues. But those issues do not hinder the outpouring of love and care Pastor Jong-rak and his team give them. They quickly become members of a large family where love reigns.

Focus-on-the-Family partnered with Kindred Image and Arbella Studios to bring us The Drop Box with the purpose of not only sharing a beautiful true story, but of hopefully touching hearts to the core to choose life and to care for children. The film highlights the need for global orphan care, adoption, and post-adoption support.

The Drop Box also shines a light on the deep love of God, the love that never forgets any child, the love that compels those who are open to it to act radically so others may see the Light. Pastor Jong-rak is such a person—one who acts with radical love no matter what it costs him.

See the trailer here at Look for the film in a local theater, and be sure to bring a large box of Kleenex. You’ll need them. The film is not the best cinematic production—some cartoon drawings interspersed in the documentary and a lot of sub-titles to read—but the story is so powerful, so life-changing, you hardly notice.

Janey DeMeo M.A.

Copyright © March 2015