Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Prayer Vigil for Children at Risk -- So Cal

Yes, yes, yes-—we can make a difference. And here’s one way to begin. Prayer.

I recently spoke about the Battle of Kruger, and how we can make a difference for the hurting children—-if we band together in oneness of purpose. To that end, we're organizing a Prayer Vigil for Children at Risk at North Coast Calvary Chapel for this Friday. All prayer warriors, and would-be-prayer-warriors, welcome.

For recent prayer requests for children in need, go to the Orphans First website, and click on Prayer. On top of our other children’s ministries and homes, we have recently taken on an orphanage in Romania that was started by Richard & Sabina Wurmbrandt—and that is in dire need. The children and workers no longer have consistent support. We have begun helping them, and hope to help them regularly.

Still, there are thousands of millions of children in need all over the world. Please join us this week in praying for them-—whether you pray from home, in your car, in small groups, in your church, wherever. Find out more here. Let’s band together and make a difference.

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