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If you want to know how to reach the world for Christ during this high-tech, high-speed society, read NetCasters by Craig von Buseck.

NetCasters is a fabulous read of rich information and inspiration on how we can share God's heart to a lost world with a little wisdom and savvy. The Internet is it.

Evangelism does not have to come solely from the pulpit. Technology is evolving. The Internet is growing. Why should evangelists be left behind? Twitter, Facebook, and blogs are no longer just entertainment sites for bored college students. Social media is a super-highway of information accessible to users of all ages. When it comes to our society’s spirituality, research shows that fifty million people will rely solely on the Internet for their faith based experiences in 2010.

In NetCasters (B& H Publishing Group), Craig von Buseck attempts to enlighten today’s Christians on the benefits of using the Internet as a tool for evangelism. Yes, the Internet can be used for good, and it should be! People are on the Internet, and people need to be reached.

Craig von Buseck profiles those evangelists who are working effectively on the Internet. He also encourages the church as a whole to get on board with technology and carry out the great commission on web pages, facebook posts, blog posts, and even tweets. This insightful piece of literature is a one stop shop for a Christian’s guide to the Internet.

NetCasters, was written by Craig von Buseck, who serves as ministries director for CBN.com. He oversees all online evangelism and discipleship efforts for CBN.com, which is the web site of the Christian Broadcasting Network. He authors the ChurchWatch blog, and resides in Virginia Beach, Virgina where he actively seeks to educate believers everywhere on the possibilities of the World Wide Web.

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