Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Janey's NewsWhat’s boring ?

What’s boring ?

“I don’t wanna do that. It’s boring!”, little Katie said. Well, I guess it is boring just sitting around if you’re hungry to learn lots of new things.

This week we had the immense joy of taking care of the adopted 4-year-old daughter of some dear friends. There was not a dull moment as I was plunged back into Memory Lane and life when my children were small. Contemplating Katie’s sweet innocence and unique person, I was reminded that motherhood is such an immense responsibility, such a privilege. And never, ever boring. (That’s why I wrote, Heaven Help Me Raise These Children!—to capture the unboring, divine side of parenting.)

That same day my son, now 19, told me guitar playing can be boring—although he loves it. Perhaps the problem is that it doesn’t offer instant gratification. Rather it takes effort to work out a new tune. So, in that sense it can be boring.

Christmas can become boring if we’re not careful. Same ol’, same ol’. Dutiful routine. Stress to provide and perform. But the truth is, reflecting on Christmas never gets boring. The older I get the more the simplicity of the Christmas story amazes me. I love it. On that note, I highly recommend the movie The Nativity. If you hunger to imagine how the first real Christmas was, this film does a good job in bringing you there. Another good movie inspiring hope is In Pursuit of Happiness.

Another highlight of my special Christmas week was a trip to Tijuana, Mexico to give toys, blankets and food to poor people. Poor yet so rich. Rich in simplicity and gratitude. Simplicity enough to understand where their hope springs from—the King of Heaven who came to earth that we could know Him.

I also had the joy of feeding the homeless with our church homegroup. The thankfulness on the faces of those who have nothing is a great gift. As Jesus showed us throughout His life and in His Word, giving is receiving. Another great blessing is that Orphans First was able to provide gifts for thousands of children in many countries—thanks to God and to kind, giving people. We hope to continue providing gifts throughout January in some countries where the Orthodox Christmas is celebrated.

Christmas! Yes, the babe born in a stable. The King of Kings lowering Himself to become like us, and poorer than many. The Great Shepherd sleeping in a manger where animals eat. Our great High Priest receiving incense, myrrh and gold from wise men coming from afar. He is our wisdom and He is our hope.

May He become the real joy of many needy children in the coming New Year 2007.


Diana Joy said...

Hi Janey!
I'm so sorry I haven't been able to touch base with you. As you already know the snow is still falling here in Denver! Also, the finacial struggle continues. It is amazing how someone can steal your identity and pay nothing for it. Thank you for your prayers. Please know you are ALWAYS IN MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS!!
Diana Joy

Janey Demeo said...

Wow Diana, I'm so sorry it's been so hard for you. You are such a faithful trooper for Jesus. He has a purpose in all this. Just don't forget no-one can steal your real identity. You belong to Jesus & no-one can pluck you out of His hand. Thank God.

Call me when you get a chance. I'm praying for you.