Tuesday, June 27, 2006

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Tues. June 27th 06

Today millions of children try to grab shut-eye – starving…

And food will not cut it. Food will not take away their starvation.

They’re starving for love.

When we moved into our rented home a few months ago, we quickly met two sibling street kittens—a brother and sister. I began feeding them and little by little, the boycat started calling for me when he was hungry. The girlcat on the other hand became leary even though I’d feed her. She was pregnant and thus protective.

After several weeks, boycat Milo has become so tame that I can hold him in my arms. More than that: he calls me to play with him, pat him and hold him. Food is not enough. He needs love.

But the girlcat, Miya, has been coming around less. Yesterday I started seeing her again and she is very skinny, very weak. I fed her; and caressed her until she was purring. My husband is convinced she has kittens somewhere (which makes it very difficult for us to consider catching her and her brother in hopes of finding them a good home since we don’t know where the kittens are).

Because we have two cats of our own, live in rented property with simple means, I cannot adopt these cats. (Oh, to be able to help them all—and more important, to help ALL the hurting children of the world). But I can love them. I can do what I can. And that’s what I’m doing.

My own boycat, Zambo, plays with Milo sometimes (I let him out a few hours a day, and have put anti-flee product even on Milo). Him mom, Zuca, just hisses (catty). It’s all so amazing to watch and brings me to my knees as I realize again and again that FOOD IS NOT ENOUGH. They need love, love, love…(sounds like the Beatles here). And love means belonging, knowing you’re always accepted, having your needs met, being valued as treasure, being physically comforted.

May we all pray as never before for the Lord to return quickly and for Him to deliver the suffering—everywhere. And may we also ask Him to show us what our part is in this plan and to help us stay the course and be obedient.

Finally, as I get back to my writing projects, I want to mention that several chapters in my book, Heaven Help Me Raise These Children!, mention this subject. There are sections on reaching the poor, prayer, spiritual warfare, etc. I know I’m biased but it’s a good book. If you know of anyone who might enjoy it, or if you know of any small groups of Sunday School classes who might like to use it as their workbook, check it out here: http://www.carepointministry.com/heavenhelp.html

Thank you for caring. Thank you for sharing. And thanks for being patient with me if I haven't responded yet to your comments. Blogging is new to me. And I have a computer that has serious issues. I'm praying for a new, good working laptop...


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