Monday, June 12, 2006

Blog 1 – 23.5.06

Dear blogger buddies,

I'm not a blogger. This is my big declaration. But since I'm a writer and founder of Orphans First, I've been told I need to start blogging (as if I don't have enough to do right?). So, bear with me and don't think I'm just anti-social. I appreciate anyone who wants to be my friend, and especially those who want to get on the band wagon and help the suffering children of the world -- Orphans First The needs are so great. I'll try to answer questions in my blog that people might ask. But I may only get to blog occasionally until the dust settles. Read on and you'll understand...

I'm actually on a whirlwind of a schedule for a few months. For one, I just got back from the Colorado Christian Writer's Conference where I taught a wee workshop and also represented Orphans First. It was an awesome time (thanks so much for praying). God is really touching hearts and opening them to reach the poor and needy. Some folks are even considering adoption... I've also come back to a ton of assignments -- all with deadlines yesterday (so it seems). I leave early tomorrow morning for Dallas, then Florida where my husband does a wedding for one of our French disciples (& I translate). We'll be gone about a week. Then I leave again on June 6th for a week for Write-to-Publish at Wheaton, Chicago area. (I don't know why God does things this way, but He does.) Yikes! This is a reeaaaaaaaally challenging season. Prayers appreciated.

Meanwhile, I'm still running Orphans First, writing, being a wife and being a Mom (my baby is only 18-years-old, and still at home; his sis is 23, &, no, you may not guesstimate my ancientness). My real babies are Zuca & Zambo -- my two cats.

For those interested in finding out more about my new book, check it out:Heaven Help Me Raise These Children!
The book provides biblical insight to practical parenting issues. It's a valuable tool for parents, those working with children and those wanting to expand their horizons to work with children -- especially the most hurting. My prayer is that the Lord use it as He wishes. It's in His hands (not that I don't have my part to do in marketing -- I do).

That's all for now. Must pack...

Thank you for caring.

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