Thursday, August 10, 2006

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Blog update – Aug.10, 2006-08-10

Wow . I couldn’t believe the news today. Just a week ago, I was at Heathrow Airport experiencing a strange sensation. I felt a spirit of terror hovering in the air. The place was packed with Muslims & looked totally like the third world with its dirty, dismal, dingy atmosphere.

Even on the plane, there was a sort of tension. I’d prayed for a good seat and sat next to 2 French girls who were no doubt encouraged to find someone who spoke their language fluently, and who understood their culture. God ordained? I think so…But nonetheless, there was a strange spirit on the plane.

When I arrived in LA, after a long trip, there was a bunch of people with flowers waiting for their “mother”, some Indian “guru-ess” from England. She’d traveled on my plane. No wonder there was tension. Gurus & Islamists. And then there was lil ol’ me—trying to be a light to some Frenchies, and thanking God I was returning to America.

Apart from that the trip to England went well. It was both bitter & sweet. Sweet to be together with each member of my existing family in England. And bitter because who knows when or if we’ll see one another again. Still half of my family are not saved. Thank you to those of you who prayed.

One thing that struck a violent chord in my heart while visiting my mother-land was its darkness. England is dark, almost like France. The educational system is now bringing in a new curriculum whereby they’ve decided to no longer teach wrong & right but rather to teach that each one needs to feel important and find their self-purpose. Basically—existentialism. Sickening. I am just so glad to be presently living in America, even though it seems this same spirit of anarchy is creeping in here too.

Like most Christians, I sense the time is short and I want more than ever to let every minute, every conversation, every activity count for Jesus. And I want to be extra fervent in prayer. I also want to pray for the hurting—especially the hurting children—more than ever. For recent prayer requests, check out my website: You can also subscribe to the Orphans First Prayer Chain to receive the requests directly.

Thanks to those of you who have sent kind remarks about my book, Heaven Help Me Raise These Children! I’m grateful it’s been a blessing thus far.

It was good to get home to the fam also. My daughter is moving fast with her wedding plans. Son & hubby didn’t starve while I was gone.

Oh, the feline friends. Well, I gave away Patch & Pixie, then Griggio & finally Tabby. They’re all doing fine. Now I have to find a home for the parent cats (brother & sis), Mya & Milo. Since they so love one another, I’d like to find a place where they can stay together. I don’t think I’ve ever seen cats love one another so much.

That’s all for now. May we remain faithful to our call.


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