Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fires still burning...and homeless ones still homeless

Fires are a lot better but there are still 9 burning. Can you believe it? 9 untamed fires. It reminds me that we can never sit back and just assume the battle's over. Although it is won through Christ, it is never over until we're with Him bodily. We must remain vigilant, ever mindful of the evil surrounding us and the little fires that are forever sparking in our corner of the world.

Being salt, light or firefighters is a choice. It's something we get to do as we choose to live for Christ.

As many mourn the loss of their homes in the fires, my sympathies are divided. Sure, I feel compassionate for those who lost their homes. Of course. This is tragic. But I feel less compassionate for those who lost their home which was just one home among many homes they own while, meanwhile, many remain homeless. This week some some of us will be feeding the homeless again (thanks to the Bread of Life homeless shelter). And yes, some of those homeless folks became so by wrong choices. But not all. Some became homeless because fires crept up on them, destructive sparks, uninvited. And they suddenly found themselves in the streets.

May God remind us to build our homes not on sand, nor on wood, hay nor stubble but on Christ and His Word. That's our only sure foundation.

Janey DeMeo©October 2007

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