Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Don’t Be Chicken – Fight Fried Cruelty!

This blog will be short but not sweet. More sour than sweet. I’m sorry but I feel compelled to say something about this issue—the unfathomable suffering that is allowed to take place in America.

Before I discuss this kind of willfully inflicted suffering – acts of cruelty – let me premise it by stating that statistics clearly suggest that people who are cruel to animals are often cruel to children. It makes sense. Cruel people are bullies who want to victimize those who are helpless. Thus, animals—then children!!!

If you care about right and wrong, being a light in a dark world, please check out this VIDEO. It explains what the missing ingredient is in Kentucky Fried Chicken—cruelty. Go to: www.KentuckyFriedCruelty.com to see how they treat their chickens. And if you’re wondering how this affects you, just remember: unchecked cruelty breeds more cruelty—which affects the children!

Or if you’re wondering what you can do…well, for one thing, stop buying KFC. Boycott them. Make a statement about cruelty. If we don’t nip this one, bigger cruelties will be ignored. Let’s not be chicken. Let’s open our beaks loud and cluck until our voices are heard and this cruelty ends.

Janey DeMeo©October 2007

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Diana Joy said...

Hi hon!!!
I will darken your blog tomorrow :)
I just wanted to let you know I didn't forget you! I ended up going back in for surgery on Monday and I am still trying to get myself back on my feet :p
Keep praying!!!
Love ya!!!
Diana Joy