Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Which way is the witch?

Which way do we go to get away from the witch fire? (Not to mention all the other fires around us!) The witch fire is still actively burning—as are 14 fires in all at this time. 400, 000 acres, over 1, 000 houses have burned. The wind is the threat, carrying live embers and sparking new fires. How small we are when the elements wield their power.

What I saw today typifies what I’ve seen since I’ve been in So Cal. On one hand, there are those who seem indifferent—perhaps because they personally are not affected. But on the other hand, there’s a strong remnant of God’s people here—and they’re not shy about proclaiming it through deed and action. (OK, so we all see through a different perspective—something I tackle in my article in next month’s Indeed Mag. (Walk Thru the Bible), entitled “Single Vision.” And also in my booklet, Women (& Men) in Dark Glasses!) I see through European eyes, and having lived 2 decades in atheist France where “Christian” is just weird.

Here in San Diego, news programs highlight stories such as this: A young couple’s entire house burns to cinders. They grab their kids, their dog and their Bible. Their testimony? They’re glad they’re safe and grateful they grabbed their Bible. “That’s the most important.”

Churches have opened their doors as shelters to receive evacuees, create animal centers, or become medical centers. Generosity overflows. Yes, sure, there are plenty of panicking people and animals. But there are caring Christians around making a difference. And as for the firefighters, they’re heroes. They’ve forgone food, sleep, comfort—so that many still have homes.

However, I’m sure all can use extra prayers—that we wouldn’t be paralyzed in the doom and gloom but that we’d stay vigilant and sensitive to instructions from above.

As for me and my house, we bow our knees in awe trusting the One who will use this for His glory—and pray for all those who need a special touch from Him at this time. This is not just about fires and ferocious winds. It’s about God—and what He is trying to say to all of us through the elements. May He grant us ears to hear, and hearts to obey.

Janey DeMeo©October 2007

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