Monday, October 22, 2007

So Cal Fires -- alert!

“It’s just stuff,” my friend Cameron tells the TV crew as he and his family are being evacuated to avoid the fires. I’m watching him on TV even as I write this. So far, my family and I are not touched directly by the fires. Yet if I step outside, I smell smoke, and the skies are black with smoke. Several nearby towns are on fire. People have left their homes, their belongings and some were left with a horrible choice—which pets to take and which to leave since they didn’t have room for all of them. Oh, what a terrible ultimatum.

At this time, 300, 000 people have been evacuated due to these fires. Curiously, one fire that was an instigator began at Witch Creek. They call it the Witch Fire. And all that right before Halloween. Thank God our trust is not in man, nor in superstition, but in the Living God. No fire is a threat to Him for He is a consuming fire.

Just today I was thinking of how amazing our God is to place the sun in exactly the right place. If it were closer to earth, we'd burn to death. If it were farther, we'd freeze. His is in perfect control. I find such contrast in the fact that man is unable to even control the fire...

May we all be praying for those whose lives are affected by these devouring fires. God have mercy. And may the Lord draw people close to Himself during this time—and save the helpless, whether big or small, young or old.

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