Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Are We Following England & France?

Gatwick is way better than Heathrow. Trust me. It’s cleaner and looks less threatening. Last year I went to London via Heathrow—only a week before the liquid bomb scare. The airport stank of terrorism. But this year I went via Gatwick. Much better. But this blog is not about airports. It’s about life. And England is hot on my mind…

Since I was young—when my parents first took me to France—I didn’t want to spend my life in England. Not sure why really. The cold maybe? Or just my fairytale mind believing the grass is always greener someplace else. I actually wanted to live in France, probably because I’d tasted of its beauty and spoke the language. And that’s exactly where I ended up—for almost a quarter century. But it wasn’t the weather, nor the language, not even the fine food that took me there. It was Jesus. His call and His purpose. And now we’re in America for that same call and purpose—to serve Him.

So what about England? Where does it fit? Well, I realized during this recent visit to my precious family that I’m a Brit no matter what. I might not live in England but part of England still lives in me. Part of her history and culture. And there are things I miss: the green, the sound of British birds (they have a different accent you know), the quaint villages, tea houses, marmite… Yes, England still holds a certain charm—in spite of the pervasion of Islam and Liberalism. You just need to stop to smell the lovely, English roses along the way.

However, if we’re not careful, there may come a time when we no longer smell the roses. Either they’ll have lost their scent or we’ll have lost our sense. Sense of smell, of course, but also our SENSE. Some things just don’t make sense. Here’s something senseless I recently heard on radio that infuriates and alarms me.

America is so tolerant of Islam that it’s paving the way for ingrown terrorism—using our tax dollars to do so. Hear this. Right in the city of the 9/11 attack, NY, tax dollars are funding a school teaching in Arab promoting the Islamic culture. It looks to be no more than a thinly disguised incubator for Islamic radicalism. Hear full details here: (Are Schools Promoting Islam?).

Since half the classes will be taught in Arabic, and most of us don’t understand it, who’s to control the spread of Islamic propaganda and the promotion of Jihad? One of the school’s big promoters is from CAIR, the Council of American Islamic Relations. CAIR’s founder, who promotes this school in New York City, said “Islam is in America to become dominant.” He promotes this Islamic school, the Kallil Kabron International Academy (not sure if this is how you spell it).

Meanwhile, if you want tax dollars for a Christian school, you won’t get them. This is forbidden. We can’t publicly promote Christianity, sing Christian carols etc. or the ACLU would jump down our throat. But where is the ACLU on this issue? It’s a totally double standard. We’re also, apparently, allowing the Muslims to have their own parade. Disgraceful. Distasteful. Disgusting.

We need to recognize the Trojan horse, the enemy’s permeation into American society. Ignorance is not bliss. It’s cruel stupidity. WAKE UP AMERICA! We’re supposed to be in war against terrorism—not breeding it in our back yard. Let’s not follow the foolish footsteps of England and France in such matters.

For more details, check out the Thomas More Law Center: or “Are Schools Promoting Islam” here: Or call Issues in Education: 1- 888-ISSUES9. And do read Tom Tancredo’s book, In Mortal Danger.

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