Saturday, April 16, 2011

Haiti's Potholes - and how I fell in one

Some people have good eyes and see nothing; they are blind. Others are blind but see more than most of us ever seem to see. Such was the man in this picture. Almost a modern day prophet you might say... More here.

Friends have asked for gory details about how I fell in a well during my last trip to Haiti in March. (Prior to that in January, I got my foot stuck in wet cement. So maybe there's a message here...or I'm just plain clumsy.) Well, maybe I'll give you the gore. Maybe not. You won't know for sure unless you read my recent article about Haiti's Potholes in Assist News Services.

You'll find much more than the now-overmilked story about my dramatic descent into the lower parts; you'll find out what God is doing and satanic strongholds are cramming the style of those seeking to do honest good in Haiti. But it's all good in the end. So be sure to read about it.

I've included some pix in this story as well as in the latest downloadable Orphans First update.

Hope you enjoy the article -- and the update. Let me know what you think. I appreciate your comments and your support for Orphans First.

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