Friday, April 08, 2011

Deep Wounds, Deep Healing

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In his book, Deep Wounds, Deep Healing, Dr. Charles H. Kraft addresses the profound struggles that have lurked deep in the psyche since early childhood causing the “inner child” to be dissociated from the adult and allowing the build-up of garbage which provides fodder for demon activity.

Demons attach themselves to junk—like rats in garbage. It’s essential to deal with the junk to weaken the demonic influence.
Christians can be troubled by demonic influence as much as anyone, but Kraft goes further and Christians can still be possessed—although his support for this theory could be shot down by a grasp of semantics. However you look at it, believers can be set free by the Holy Spirit but, seemingly, some people need the help of a counselor or professional who understands spiritual warfare to find freedom.

Kraft’s deep healing technique focuses on biblical principles and seeks to reconnect a person to their inner child to discover the cause of the wounds and to help them see Jesus was there all the time.

The book is not light reading, but enlightening. A great tool for those interested in understanding deep healing.

Janey L. DeMeo M.A.

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