Friday, January 23, 2009

Why are we making politics about race?

I’m stunned that we’ve made politics a racial issue. No one could be happier than me that that equal opportunities are being given to all Americans—regardless of their color. No one could be more disgusted than me that race was ever a reason to boycott someone or hinder them from entering into the same opportunities as their peers. Racism is despicable. Thus, in that respect, I can understand that many would celebrate the inauguration of a black president (although, in reality, he’s as much white as black; he’s multi racial).

But to celebrate primarily because of the president’s color—and to ignore his political stand—is like being an ostrich suffering of HITSS: Head In The Sand Syndrome. It’s insane.

I’m not a politician—although I have several personal friends who are—but I do know that politics should be revolve around policies and our concern should be whether they align themselves with our belief system. Policies are the issue. Not race.

The question we need to ask ourselves is: Are the new policies being brought in by the new president compatible with our belief system? You have to define what you believe. Do you believe in absolutes? In the Bible? Is it OK to take our hard earned tax money and spend it on abortions (which, in my book, amounts to killing babies not unlike the practices of cult worshipers in the Old Testament)? You decide. (I already have.)

The problem, though, is that too many have been mesmerized by media mania and Hollywoodish euphoria. Consequently, too many don’t even know what the new policies are; they don’t grasp the implications of what the new regime is propagating. Well, since I’m not a politician, I’m not going to try to enlighten you. But there’s someone I greatly admire who could tell you clearly what is going on, and that’s Ann Coulter.

Ann Coulter was interviewed on the Dr.Phil show this week together with some other key thinkers. Her take on the new B. Husein Obama is enlighteningly brilliant. Check it out.

I highly recommend reading Ann Coulter’s blog. She’s feisty, funny, free thinking and doesn’t mince her words -- a voice in the wilderness, a genius with a biblical world view. Check out for yourself.

Praying for the president – and for America.

Janey L. DeMeo M.A.
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