Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sweet Mexico -- where hope is fast waning.

“Oh, oh, Mexico, Sounds so simple, I just wanna go . . . “

Much as I love James Taylor, he really got it wrong with these lyrics—at least at this time. Nowadays, life in Mexico is far from simple . . .

If we in America think we’ve got it hard nowadays with the economic crisis, then how d’you think Mexico’s poor are faring? Not good. I was there again on Monday and the streets were bare.

(I’m busy writing an article about it -- & will drop a link here on this blog in the future once it’s published.)

My husband, son and I went to give gifts out to the poor in the streets again. Although we had a wonderful time – and truly sensed God with us – it was hard to see faces that are usually jovial now drooping with despair. Of course, a huge part of this is due to the endless gruesome murders taking place in TJ (over 5, 600 last year).

These ladies nattered together anxiously -- no doubt worrying about how to feed their children that night. I felt their burden. The little we were able to give them won't last them long. Let's pray the more lasting gift of Jesus was fully received, and let's pray God takes care of their many needs.

Mexico needs our prayers. Oh, and so does America btw. (I do fear that the land of dreams is in for a rude awakening as dreams crumble under the growing socio-economic shock-wave.)

Let’s pray for Mexico, America—and the whole world. Why not? We just do it one by one, each one doing what they can.

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