Thursday, February 07, 2008

Yesterday's French REVEIL radio broadcast

Yesterday, I wept when speaking on radio. I received a couple of calls from friends in France hungry to hear the show. (The broadcast is in French.) Memories of eternal weight. Sweet memories of pouring out to precious people in a dark land.

The broadcast was based on an exciting Bible study, but I won't divulge the content because--guess what--it didn't record for the archives. For some unknown reason, the video didn't kick in and you can't find the teaching out there. So, unless you heard it live at exactly 10am So Cal time (or 7pm in France),you'll have to wait until next eek when I'll redo the same teaching. Same time, same channel, on

More news. Orphans First moves forward with its new office in Florida. See

I have a new article in Youth Walk this month--Bringing Heaven to Haiti. I believe this story could inspire many young people to go and do likewise in following the call of Christ to help the poor children.

Other than that, I want to thank those who voted Huckabee. Let's see what happens...


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Christopher Hopper said...


I stumbled upon your blog today while seeing who posted for the CSFF Blog Tour. I was about to click out when your post title caught my eye...specifically the word "France." Then, as I began to read your profile bio, I suddenly had flash backs of your family's last name...something about the south of France. I can't place your story exactly, or how I got the contact, but I think I even emailed your husband on a few occasion a few years back. Possibly even arranging a visit down to you, if I recall properly. Nothing ever came of it, but I was grateful for the emails.

Anyhow, from one person to another who has a deep heart for the French people (and will be over there in May and July, teaching, preaching and leading worship), I just wanted to send warm greetings from the hearth fires of northern NY.

Blessings to you and yours!