Thursday, February 21, 2008

Broadcast in 2 segments – en français

There’s something very special about moms of preschoolers – and even more so when they’re military wives. Today I had the privilege of speaking for some of them. What joy stirred in my heart to see these young moms eager to be the very best they can be. These are the kind of lives that inspire me to keep on doing what I do. As best I can.

One are where I’m doing as best I can – and not without challenges – is my new French televised radio broadcast, REVEIL Funny eh? Some people would find it challenging to give a Bible study in French. But not me. That comes naturally after 22 years in France, and 30 years studying the Bible. No, my big problem is something quite different. This non-geek has been challenged technologically.

Just as I master the software so I’m actually broadcasting, and adjust my screen so I’m looking at my virtual audience while I speak; poof! I touch something on my laptop and shut my own broadcast off. So then I call my technician, Joey, who walks me thru the details of how to restart my broadcast. That’s why this week’s study on Proverbs 14:1 is cut into 2 segments; Oh well…It’s better than not recording at all. Right?????!!!???

See ya on next Wednesday at 10am PT if you want to hear the study live (7pm in France), 1pm EST.

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