Wednesday, November 21, 2007

While we feast, children starve to death...

While we feast tomorrow for Thanksgiving, babies will be starving—even right here in America. Check out what Elizabeth Elliot says about a baby who starved to death right here in an American hospital.

When in Florida where I spoke for the Embraced by Grace Adoption Awareness Seminar, I heard that when children are hungry (especially babies), it is agonizing. We cannot imagine the pain they feel—so much more than we adults do. But this baby starved over 6 days with a notice over his little crib, “DO NOT FEED”. He was placed alone (so the crying wouldn’t bother anyone?) to die. Meanwhile, several families had stepped up to adopt him.

I pray you’ll read this before Thanksgiving. Why? Because the Lord would have us mindful of those who are without, of those starving for lack of food—or lack of love—or both. He wants us to remember those whose lives are sacrificed by cruelty—or by courage such as our military. He wants us to think of the orphans and to do all we can to help them. May He make our hearts tender and compassionate. And may He make us quick to pray, and to act so that our lives make a difference.

Oh, and since we’re speaking of turkeys, and preventing cruelty, in case you missed my previous posts please also check this out: -- a video of how KFC treat their chicken. This is extreme cruelty and we can help stop it.

Your caring makes Thanksgiving what it should be!

Janey DeMeo

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