Monday, December 03, 2007

Save our children's minds

Children are so vulnerable. (Animals too, but here we’re talking about children.) When they’re victims of abuse in any form, their suffering is amplified by their defenselessness. Beginning in January 2008, children attending public schools become victims of abuse. The abuse of being brainwashed (or rather, brain-dirtied) by ludicrous filth. They’ll be taught that it’s normal to be gay, transsexual or bisexual—even for a parent. They’ll be encouraged to “fess up” if, they like wearing clothes of the opposite sex. (C’mon, how many kids aren’t curious about dressing up?) Truth is, the kids will be probed into believing they’re homos and that they’ll feel better once they recognize it. And then, of course, the schools will accommodate it.

Apparently, a boy claiming he’d prefer to use the girl’s bathroom will be able to do just that. Are we nuts? Our girls will be in danger. What boy of a certain age wouldn’t want to be in a girl’s bathroom or locker room, dah?

All this is according to the new law signed by Gov.Schwarzenegger.
Check out details here:

I urge all parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, non-parents, anyone and everyone to make their voices heard to change this bill.

When we were in France, my husband turned the tide of history by kicking up an international stink (that’s some stink, trust me) about a law which stated a person could be imprisoned for “brainwashing”. There was no criteria for brainwashing which meant that you could be incarcerated for sharing the Gospel. I won’t rehash details of that time right now, but let’s say that a little voice shouting loud goes a long way.

Now, with our children’s future at stake, if we don't take action then we're headed for dark days. Let's not accept that they kill our children's purity. Let's not take it lying down but let's be pro-active knowing the Lord is on our side. Let’s PRAY, petition and communicate...

Janey DeMeo © December 2007

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