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To face the death penalty when you are innocent must be one of life’s worst nightmares. And to face it with no family except for one brother must be even worse. Brother’s Keeper, releasing in theaters this month, is a film of suspense with a message of redemption.  

Set in the fifties, Brother’s Keeper conveys the story of two orphaned twins, Pete and Andy Goodwynn, who lost their parents at a very young age and then faced the immense heartache of losing their parents in a tragic shooting. 

As twins, the boys shared a special bond, but when their parents died, and they had to fend for themselves, they become tighter than ever. But the tragedy affected the boys differently. They processed their misfortune differently, and filtered it through their individual personalities, which left them with differing worldviews and ambitions. 

Pete was drawn to the faith and felt called to the pastorate. He was also in love with his high school sweetheart Maggie and planned to marry her after his graduation. He seemed to have it all together. Andy, on the other hand, was not interested in God—likely embittered by the tragic circumstances surrounding his parents’ death—and seemed lost without ambition. Andy seemed to be going nowhere. 

But in an unexpected twist, another tragedy strikes the Goodwynn twins—and Maggie is murdered. Worst still, Pete is blamed for her death. In spite of his innocence, Pete ends up in prison under the death-penalty. The town which is steeped in corruption and conspiracy make attempts to disprove Pete’s innocence and people in high places use their manipulating powers to influence the hearing. 

Only a miracle can change Pete’s fate. That miracle may need to come from the most unexpected place and from his own change of heart. 

Says Director Josh Mills, “The film addresses multiple themes and shows the raw emotion of how truly difficult it is to forgive in extreme circumstances. It captivates the audience into feeling both deep-seeded anger and compassion for the characters.This film will surprise audiences, forcing them to reevaluate what is most important in their own lives.” 

Brought to us by Desert Wind Films and backed by non profit organization, Cleanslate.TV. Brother’s Keeper is a story of redemption, reconciliation, forgiveness and sacrifice. A film that will change your life and keep you riveted to the screen until the end. 

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