Monday, May 18, 2015

Around the Word with Kate & Mack, awesome children's book

Around the World with Kate & Mack - A Look at Languages from A to Z (Wycliffe Bible Translators) is a brilliant book. Characters Kate and her pet parrot Mack travel the world and meet children from different countries—and they take the young reader along with them. 

In each country, Kate and Mack meet a native child who tells them why the translation of the Bible into his or her native language is so important. In some cases, they share how the Bible has been translated and consequently changed the lives of many people including their own. In other case, the child will express the need to have the Bible translated into, say, another dialect that is yet more familiar to them, so they can really grasp it. Either way, children learn the important of the Bible as God’s Word and just how important it is to understand it in one’s own language. 

Every page is delightfully colorful with full-page ethnic artwork including pictures of children and animals (hey, every kid loves to see an elephant or tiger right or teeny-weeny miniature frog right?). Each segment representing a country is also jam-packed with all kinds of interesting fun facts, phonetics to help with specific pronunciation of the language or name, and national flags. Even adults can learn a lot from this book. 

My only criticisms of this book are as follows:
The chapter on Tunia (page 74) has a section where there is black print on a dark background color, thus hard to read.  
The chapter on Waata has a few sloppy sentences and could be better written. 

Still, a fabulous book and well worth $ 9.99. 

Around the World with Kate & Mack - A Look at Languages from A to Z is a 104 page fun tool which introduces children to the global mission field as they tag along with Kate and Mack and visit different countries and get to know different cultures, languages, ethnicities and needs. I highly recommend this children’s book. 

Find Around the World with Kate & Mack - A Look at Languages from A to Z here. This story will also appear in Assist News Service

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