Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The NIV Streams in the Desert Bible

Streams in the Desert, a compilation of devotionals by L.B.E. Cowman remains a timeless classic. And for those who love the uplifting reflections but have a hard time with the heavy “olde Englishe” style, there is now a modernized version edited by Jim Reimann. But no devotional can replace God’s Word, and since the NIV is the most popular English Bible translation, the NIV Streams in the Desert Bible is brilliant.

The NIV Streams in the Desert Bible combines the NIV Bible translation and the 365 devotionals from the contemporary version of Streams in the Desert. That’s nifty.

As well as the convenient combo—and in spite of the modern language—the look of this Bible is charming. Cloaked with an antique looking faded green cover with a glossy photo of rushing waters, the inside layout of this hard-backed Bible is easy to read and clearly distinguishes Bible text from devos. It is also the perfect size to hold and carry.

The devotional reading sections are labeled under date and woven within the pages of the Bible next to the relevant passaged and each section ends with a denotation giving the page number of the next day’s reading. This works great if you read the devotionals daily and in chronological order, but—and here’s where this book falls short—if you just want to find today’s devotional and have not bookmarked the previous day’s, then you’ll find yourself turning a lot of pages to find it. There is however a subject index. Still, an index aligning devo dates to page numbers would have added a lot.

This Bible makes a great gift or an investment for your own spiritual growth. Find it in all major bookstores.

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