Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Evolution’s Archilles’ Heels, spectacular film

Disputes about the theory of evolution compared to the theory of creation never grow old. Nope, not even with the evidence that now exists for the latter. Evolution’s Archilles’ Heels is a groundbreaking film that could potentially put the argument to rest once and for all.

A product of Creation Ministries International, Evolution’s Archilles’ Heels is a stunning film that scientifically debunks many myths in the evolution vs. creation argument. Fifteen brilliant minds, Ph.D. scientists, reveal stunning discoveries – truths that expose fatal flaws in the evolutionary theory. They highlight the foundations of the evolutionary theory and use groundbreaking scientific innovation to point out that these rudiments are the very elements that discredit modern evolutionism.

Darwinian teaching is mostly based on presuppositions which the latest research can now disprove. Most people are ignorant about what science is now able to reveal—and what Evolution’s Archilles’ Heels unmasks—particularly about the following relevant subjects:
  • ·      The geologic column
  • ·      Radiometric dating
  • ·      Natural selection
  • ·      Genetics
  • ·      The fossil record
  • ·      Cosmology 

Spectacular photos and animations with fascinating explanations render this film a masterpiece—at least to those interested in nature and learning about mankind’s beginnings and the way the world was made.

Evolution’s Archilles’ Heels will be released worldwide in DVD format on October 17th for $ 19 or $ 25 for the blu-ray disc. Find it on Amazon and other major bookstores.

Additional features within this documentary film include:
  • ·      *   Over 20 minutes of extended interviews (adding to the richness of the exposition).
  • ·      *   Subtitles in multiple languages (facilitating a more global outreach).

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