Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Global Orphan Crisis

The average orphan spends about ten years in an orphanage or foster care. And those are the lucky ones. Others spend their lives abandoned with no one to care for them. Many end up as child-slaves. Whether in orphanages or abandoned, many orphans are exploited, abused, hungry and lonely. This is the plight of orphans in today’s world. And it cannot be ignored.

The Global Orphan Crisis, be the solution—change your world by Diane Lynn Elliot (Moody Publishers) divulges the atrocious dilemma that hundreds of thousands of children find themselves in—simply because they don’t have parents. 

Read my full review of this book in The Examiner here. It will also appear in Assist News Service

Many organizations are doing their part to help today's orphans. Orphans First is one of them. Orphans First provides shelter, education, medical care, love and Christ-centered investment to impoverished children throughout the world. Enjoy some pictures of the children in the Orphans First programs below. And find out more here.

Janey DeMeo M.A.

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