Thursday, February 14, 2013

Abel's Field

Abel’s Field recounts the compelling and captivating story of Seth (Samuel Davis), a high-school teen who finds himself in severe hardship, carrying burdens no 17-year-old should ever have to bear.

To add to Seth’s difficulties, the school coach seems to have it in for him. Seth not only has to work two jobs to pay the family bills, but he also has to work a third, unpaid job to meet the coach’s exigencies. All this on his plate while also caring for younger siblings.

But God has not forgotten Seth. He is waiting to be merciful and gracious to him. Seth, on the other hand, seems to have forgotten God—or at least forgotten how simple it is to lay his burdens at the feet of Jesus. Seth has forgotten that God is only a prayer away. 

View my full review of Abel's Field in The San Diego Christian Perspectives Examiner.  (Also in Assist News Service.) 

Janey DeMeo M.A.

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