Monday, March 29, 2010

Sandra Bullock's Ongoing Saga

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From Oscars and accolades galore to degradation and betrayal, Sandra Bullock's story seems like a fairy-tale in reverse.
Happily married to Jessie James (or so she thought), this last year was pivotal for Sandra. Her role as Leanne Tuohy in the award-winning movie, The Blindside, boosted Sandra's career--she won Best-Actress Award--and changed her life. Sandra was touched by Leanne's down-to-earth, feisty nature, and the way the Tuohys lived out their faith in Christ in a practical way: They adopted a homeless boy -- just as God adopts us.

The Blindside's huge success resulted in Sandra being whisked up in a whirlwind of glory. She was the new Julia Roberts. She won every heart. But before her crown had time to tarnish (and after lavishing praise on her husband for his support), her own heart was broken. Her husband turned out to be the new Tiger Woods--not in golf excellence but in adultery.

Jessie James has reportedly had eleven affairs while being married to Sandra--including with an exotic dancer from San Diego. Numbers aside, James not only betrayed Sandra--but also his daughter, Sunny (who Sandra went to battle for so James could get custody rather than the girl's porn-star, drug-abusing mother). Now Sandra and her precious stepdaughter may be separated, adding another wee broken heart in the mix.

What to make of all this? It's a spiritual battle. Sandra's heart was touched by the Tuohys. She was honored for playing a noble role, one that revealed Christ in action. Then poof! She discovers her husband is a cheat and she may lose the child she almost adopted.

All this gives us good reason to pray for Sandra. And for Sunny. And for all involved.
Janey DeMeo M.A.

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