Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Blind Side -- movie & true story

This now rates among my top, most favorite movies. FABULOUS. I warn you, bring a box of tissues. You'll cry (unless you don't have a heart).

Sandra Bullock gives a wonderful performance. She is simply brilliant. The story is true, and the way it's acted, it rings true. Personally, I thrive on this kind of stuff, this kind of motivational story. It makes me realize I could do so much more, if I lay more of me aside. If we all did the kind of thing we see in the movie and helped a child in need, the world would be very different. And so would we.

I've posted the trailer to whet your appetites. Let's think of helping change a child's life this Christmas. Join Orphans First and help needy children through our Orphans First Christmas Program. Thanks.

Read some pertinent reflections on The Blind Side from my friend, Dallas Jenkins here. He reminds us that there's a spiritual battle going on in Hollywood, that those who dislike true philanthropy -- Christ-centered sacrificial goodness -- scoff to discredit it. Let's all support this wonderful film and show that we believe in being Jesus' arms and legs here on earth. By His grace.

Janey DeMeo
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