Monday, October 05, 2009

More about West Africa & the Islamic overtake -- & Orphans First

We are still working towards a new children's home in West Africa. This picture is of some precious slum children in Benin where Orphans First has a children's ministry -- but not yet a home. Details on the Orphans First website.

My article about how Muslims are buying people into Islam--something we discovered during our recent trip to Western Africa--has now been published as a reprint at CBN. Read it here.

As for the little deaf boy, Yohanes, he is now in school (not a school for the deaf, sadly, but a Christian school where he'll at least play with other children and eat once a day). I'll post pics of him soon.

Thanks for reading this blog and praying. I'll be posting some reflections and book reviews again soon also. If you want to be in the loop about Orphans First, my writing ministry or anything else that God has entrusted to me, follow me on Twitter.

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