Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Orphans First in West Africa

Well, here we go again. Africa. Orphans First already has a children's program in Benin (French-speaking Africa). Now we're looking to create an actual children's home there -- something similar to Grace Home in India or our orphanages in Romania or Siberia. It will take a miracle, but then it always does.

The above photo shows children in our children’s club in Benin. (Hey, I know the quality of the pic is awful, but that’s what you get from a cheap, African camera.- They all come from impoverished families. Orphans First helps some of them with food and schooling.

So, Africa, here we come -- again. (And please lock up your 'squitos. I already had Malaria once thanks very much!)

I'll keep y'all posted on my plans, blogreaders. Meanwhile, check out some details on the Orphans First website.

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