Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The American Patriot's Bible

The American Patriot’s Bible – The Word of God and The Shaping of America, NKJV provides a historical overlook of America’s heritage. This delightful book is laced with inspiring accounts and powerful quotes underscoring how the faith of our forefathers shaped America—all strategically woven within the pages of the Bible.

The Bible is an easy-to-use tool with special features including: full-color family record section, a list of godly values that birthed America, appealing layout and artwork, presidents’ photos, a section on monuments and their inspiring inscriptions citing the forefathers adherence to biblical values . . .

The stories in this Bible—and the way they intertwined with Scripture—moved me profoundly.

I see only two weaknesses: First, I noticed some typos. Second, some evangelicals may shun this Bible because of where the President Obama’s picture is placed—in the same section as Martin Luther King. Although most would agree that the election of a partially black president is the historical fulfillment of Dr. King’s fight for racial equality, others would argue that present governmental policies are far removed from the kind of freedom King advocated, and thus consider the placement of the two men in the same section controversial and confusing. Hopefully, though, people won’t let this deprive them of owning a book worthy of any household library.

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