Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bible Study Shut Down by San Diego County Officials

Yesterday I posted a link to my article on Religious Freedom Again Attacked in France -- a subject close to my heart. (I lived in France 22 years and felt the anti-God atmosphere daily.) American members of congress are concerned about new reports and bills being issued in France which tamper with human rights issues. You can read my article here at Assist News Services.

But, as I've said before many times, America is in deep waters. Just look at what's happening here. This is scary.

Today I learned of a San Diego pastor who is being prohibited from holding a Bible Study in his home. He can have a poetry meeting or hang with a bunch of folks to watch football -- but not a Bible Study. At least not without paying thousands of dollars for a Municipal Use Permit. I won't attempt to botch up the details by repeating them second hand. Best you read story in the San Diego news source here.

So, while I'm worried about religious freedom in my beloved France, I'm more concerned about what happens in America because it is more shocking. Wake up America! (And I don't mean as in "Good Morning America.")

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