Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Step Into Your Future: A Women's Guide to Business Success

If you’re a small biz owner--or want to become one--then this book’s for you: Step Into Your Future: A Women's Guide to Business Success by Rosemary Hossenlopp (Morgan James Publishing).

Rosemary Regier-Hossenlopp, MBA . . .is an expert on the mindset needed for business change. She is the founder of Business Success Plan group and inspires small business owners, professional services consultants and other women leaders to create personal business plans. She makes it easy for business owners to define and execute success plans. Her book on Step Into Your Future: A Businesswoman’s Guide to Success sets the standard for realigning to current market needs.

Here’s what Rosemary tells us about her book:
“What specific incident inspired you to gather together this information and put together a book?

→ Rosemary Regier-Hossenlopp: The heart of success is figuring out what gets you the best results. You hear about business planning techniques that can help you focus on getting the business results you want. But you procrastinate in implementing them. I know this because I have been there too. It is overwhelming when you need to be the plumber, the accountant, the salesman and the person who delivers the goods. It is hard to make the time to work “on” the business and not work “in” the business. More planning advice is available at www.StepIntoYourFuture.com/teleseminar/

“What’s specific inspiration changed your life … and why do you feel it had such a ‘mind-shifting’ impact on you?”

→ Rosemary Regier-Hossenlopp: I believe in easy; an easy way to see what you need to do and came up with a quick process that allowed me to identify steps that accelerated my success. You can get more information at www.StepintoYourFuture.com/teleseminar/

Check out Rosemary's video trailer.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of stepping into the future, what about our kids? Check out the new version of my biblical parenting book, Heaven Help Me Raise These Children!--Biblical Answers to Practical Parenting Issues.

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Janey L. DeMeo M.A.
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Rosemary Hossenlopp said...

Hi Janey,

What a privilege to be here on your site. You are such a blessing to help others who can not help themselves, step into their future.

Rosemary Regier-Hossenlopp

Alexander Field said...

Might be a great book for my wife, thanks! Found your blog on the CSFF blog tour. Thanks!

Janey DeMeo said...

Thanks for the kind comment Rosemary. May God bless your book. Hope it does really well.


Janey DeMeo said...

Thank you Alexander. See you soon on the CSFF blog tour.


Rosemary Hossenlopp said...

I have a "WOW" offer for you readers! Buy a book from Amazon and get access to a Free Teleseminar series on how to immediately grow your business. You get not one, but three POWER PACKED sessions. Buy now----> www.StepIntoYourFuture.com/teleseminar/

I can't wait to see you on the teleseminar. It starts on Monday, April 13th. If you miss the teleseminar, but buy a book this spring, you will get access to the .mp3. So go sign-up now----> www.StepIntoYourFuture.com/teleseminar/

To Your Success!
Rosemary Regier-Hossenlopp