Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh, oh, Sweet Mexico -- outreach to children!

There’s no greater joy than to see a child made happy because of Christ’s love. (Isn’t that what the joy spoken of in 2 John 4 refers to? The truth of walking in God’s love!) Prayer makes this possible. Thanks for praying for Orphans First during 2008.

2008 was a wonderful year for Orphans First. As well as the children in our children’s homes, orphanages and ministries, many more children were helped and given an opportunity to see Christ’s love in action. Check out the website for updates in the future.

Thank you for praying for our recent trips to Mexico. Mothers begging with their children, children begging alone, raggedy little ones – these were just some of the sites we saw. (See pics above. I tried sharing the Gospel drawing from my French & Italian. But maybe I need to learn Spanish.) We’re thankful we were able to put smiles on a few wee faces by giving toys, food (& a little money for the parents). But it seems so little. Please continue praying that Orphans First can make a lasting impact in Mexico, by God’s grace.

For those wanting more news on the Orphans First Christmas Project, keep checking the website for updates and photos. We were able to provide Christmas gifts for children in Russia (Siberia), India (2 cities), Romania, Haiti, Mexico, and several countries in Africa.

Thank you so much for your prayer support for Orphans First in 2008. I hope you continue praying with us for the children in 2009. They are so worth it. And so are you. (Prayer changes you like nothing else – it’s worth persevering).

Janey L DeMeo M.A. /
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