Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Debunking the best dressed, worst dressed bunk

So, best dressed, worst best huh! Maybe it’s a matter of opinion. Partisan opinion.

As an artist, I love fashion. I wear it. I design it. (Sssshhh! Not everyone knows that). Fashion is art. So, of course I’m interested in what people wear. But this year’s People’s worst dressed, best dressed list disgusts me. And I don’t use the word lightly.

Why should I be surprised? Mrs. Obama made the best dressed. And of course, Mrs. McCain & Mrs. Palin made the worst dressed. Yet, Cindy McCain is one of the most elegant, beautifully dressed women out there. She’s a model of glamour. And as for Sarah, well, given that she’s drop-dead-gorgeous, I don’t blame her for dressing a tad frumpy at times. Attention to her beauty could detract from her message.

But the bottom line is that Cindy & Sarah didn’t stand a chance. Let’s face it: The media has it in for the Repubs. They have an unhealthly obsession for Obama and seem bent on promoting their bias at every opportunity. Even when it comes to promoting fashionistas.

Maybe the liberal media can brainwash some. But not me.

This is not a political blog. But since politics is today’s hot topic, it’s time to address media-mania and say, “enough is enough!” when it comes to endless, mindless bias, propaganda, slant, brainwashery etc.—and to present another perspective.

A kind reader of an earlier post corrected me when I quoted a friend’s opinion on the race to presidency. While I greatly appreciated her comment, I feel compelled to present the other side, the opinions of those who rarely are given a chance to express them -- and yet they protect our country.

Consider this home made YouTube of a young soldier, Joe, addressing today’s most mediatized presidential candidate.

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Janey DeMeo said...

My very dear friend, Alison, in France, wanted me to post here comment. So here is;
"I just wanted to say how very much I appreciated your Sept 17th blog "Best-dressed/Worst-dressed"! I would have left a comment there only don't really want to sign up for the Google account. But seriously Janey thank you for your so-clear way of expressing these truths. Media-manipulation is such a crazy business, behaving as if it were some kind of absolute authority figurehead, so that people start thinking "oh well if the press says Mrs Obama is the best-dressed then that's what best-dressed must be" etc etc. I love your thoughts on all this, plus on the Election; it is so helpful to one living on this side of the Atlantic (we don't have satellite). Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for taking the time to put it all down in writing so to speak. God bless, Alison xx"