Thursday, March 27, 2008

Simeon the Prophet

Simeon the Prophet is a delightful fiction book reflecting keen biblical insight. The author, Thomas Moore, is a prolific evangelist, and Vietnam vet who clearly loves God’s Word as his writing style exhibits.

The narrative fiction is sweetly laced with biblical truths poetically written in a thought provoking manner. Delightful really. Here’s a sample:
“Steadfast faith in God will always create beauty out of anything it meets. Sue someone that hurts you? Demand judgment on them? Ridiculous! You should thank them for providing mortar for God to build more of His kingdom in your life.” (page 114).

And here’s a powerful line representing how God measures our suffering:
“Your heart’s desire I am granting thee. You are becoming scarred enough to resemble me.” (p. 118)

As a fellow writer, I identify with the sweat and passion Thomas poured into his book. I appreciate his love for the Lord, his fervor. He had a message to deliver and felt compelled to write it. The message is not warm and fuzzy to make you feel good. Rather, it’s challenging, and helps us separate the essential from the superficial.

Also as a fellow writer, I encouraged Thomas to tweak his book before the next printing, to ruthlessly remove all typos and spellos and to tighten his style to excellence. This will only open doors for a larger audience.(something you learn from writer’s conferences, writer’s books and writer’s loops).

Still, even though this first rendering of the book could use some professional tweaking, I enjoyed the precious, thought provoking wisdom in Simeon the Prophet. I think many others would too. The book can be found on, or visit Thomas Moore’s website:
(Oh, and if you happen to be intrigued by the Jesus movement, the beginning of Calvary Chapel and all that wonderful Christian oldies music stuff, you’ll enjoy this website.)
You can also find him at -- and you can find me there too.

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